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Life always gives us little knocks to bring us down, doesn’t it?

This week, only weeks away from walking down the aisle I received an e-mail from the Registrar, asking me to return my marriage registration documents – but lo and behold, I hadn’t received any such paperwork!

One telephone call later I learned that the man I’m marrying had received them in March and done sod all about them. There are times I really do ask myself why I’m wedding him, ha, ha!

Life tscrewed us last week too, when we were pipped by those God-awful Comets from Workington (yes, I’ll keep my hatred of them well known) but thankfully we returned to winning ways against the Scorpions on Saturday just gone.

If Scunthorpe had come with their team as originally signed (on paper that had league winners written all over it in my eyes) it might have been a different story, but so cruelly for them it wasn’t to be.

Josh Auty was a joy to watch for the visitors though (and I say that while not being a big fan if his either) and never gave up on what has been a difficult track to pass on recently, given the strange amount of time we’ve had that yellow thing in the sky shining on us!

I must always say how really nice it was to have our own Berwick lad Steve Hayward back on the infield mike.

Nowt against Roy, but when you’ve seen and heard him in his Diamonds jacket, to have him try and rally some enthusiasm for Berwick when they’re winning at home, well, hmmmmmmm……

Which brings me on to the big discussion point for this week – track conditions here at Shielfield Park!

Most of us have been there, week in week out, to see it for ourselves and lots of people, both home and away fans, have been talking on social media! Yes, it has been largely gate and go, and yes it has been dusty!

We might expect to go home a wee bit grubby from a dirt-track, but what is the answer to getting things right?

To the point where we don’t have to read the same rants week in, week out.

We know that, on its day and given the right attitude from riders, there is no reason why passing and indeed re-passing can’t be can’t be the regular thing here at Berwick.

Back in the Peter Waite days, our track as – shall we say – a little suspect (to say the least). Riders didn’t hide the fact that they didn’t like coming here, and one rider who wore Bandits’ colours in those days told me the advantage we had was that some visitors were scared to come to Berwick!

I sometimes ask myself if more hands are needed to help get things done through the week in preparation for the weekend action.

I’m one of those who would love to be there, hands-on, helping where I could – but long shifts, commuting to and from Newcastle, a fiancé I rarely get time to myself with and a young son put paid to that thought!

Has it been a request from the riders to have the track prepared in the manner it is?

I’ve always been curious how you prepare a track to suit everyone in a team, as surely not all seven would prefer to race on the same sort of thing – or is this me being naïve?

Anyways, maybe people will question me – e-mail address below -- on what I’ve said this week?

I’m just your Average Joe (OK, Josephine) fan looking on from the outside and wanting to understand more about what it takes to put on and run things on a speedway night.

I’ve not knocked anyone or anything – I’m just a pure black-and-gold, true ‘til the end, fan!

Now finally, to all those going down to Wales this weekend – enjoy the GP! It certainly is an experience and a half.

Huge amounts of luck to Aaron and Kev at the Pairs on Friday, too!

Later, Banditos!
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