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We’re back, folks!

Our beloved Bandits are back on track for 2019.

Thursday evening saw the squad hit the shale to warm those engines, work those clutches and flash off the sparkling new equipment each and every one of them has!

Plenty of photos were taken, and pleasantries exchanged with so many pals.

Digs were made to my fine self (ha!) about my inability to keep to my blogging timetable!

Racing along to Shielfield after I had finished work was pure adrenaline. Having not seen a meeting since last September I had no hesitation in sitting trackside in my nurse’s uniform (oooooh, Matron!) and braving the chilly night air and – although it’s hard to tell when they're going round individually, I walked away that night happy with what I’d seen!

I’m confident we have a squad that will take us into the realms we went so close to in 2018.

Stadium changes have happened too, there’s now an established inside food outlet on the first bend that may help when it is a biting cold evening, thus saving not having to wait a long time outside.

We’ve now had the Bordernapolis too --- and those who weren’t there most certainly missed out.

My feelings from Press’n’Practice night were fully justified. Following a very entertaining 22 heats (OK, a few from the gate, but not that many) it was Cap’n Kev who took the honours as he rolled back the years and produced a breathtaking last bend pass on Aaron to lift the spoils.

More of the same against the Diamonds next week, please!

Meetings have now begun elsewhere around the country including an inter-league match between Leicester (my tip for top spot) and Ipswich. Although the Lions lost, what impressed me was that they lost be less away than at home.

Oh, and Redcar just happened to pick up an away win at our next opponents, so that’ll be Newcastle scorned or we can go and prey on the weak – hopefully the latter!

After cheering the boys to victory at Shielfield on Saturday, get yourselves off down the A1 next Sunday and support this wonderful club of ours as our quest for glory begins

Support your Banditos, folks!

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