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Writing a weblog is hard, but not that hard.

Despite leaving school at 16 without qualification, I do read quite a lot – although as I get older, reaching up to the top shelf to get down a magazine to read is a bit of a strain – and that lets me tap out words, if I can think of a subject.

Aye, and there’s the rub – to quote the other Main Dane.

Or indeed, one of Wishbone Ash’s ‘seventies album titles.

Trivia note: Did you know that Martin Turner from Wishbone Ash used to follow Exeter Falcons at the Country Ground? Stick around, I might know more useless facts.

So, what to write about? Well, I thought I was sorted – this week I’d write about our seven riders' improvement over the year and maybe chuck in a bit about two Bandits playing “shove the fat bloke” on live TV – job done!

Then I read Sarah’s piece this week, and she’s already covered all that. I should get out of bed earlier in the morning…….

OK, fair enough, thinks I – instead of that, I’ll tap out a pretty witty preview of tomorrow’s Bordernapolis.

Nope, reference to George’s excellent (albeit hastily edited) blog from yesterday afternoon tells me this idea too, will non-start.

He’s written up the field in a far more surreal, amusing -- and damn it, better – way than I could ever hope to.

Beggar the man (is my spellcheck working?) and onto Plan C………

Which would be a merry treatise on the way our workmanlike squad bonded so well and so nearly got to the play-offs, plus a few added thoughts about why tracks used to stage more meetings like tomorrow’s…

Yes! Or rather, no.

Reference to Captain Kev’s blog on Wednesday reveals he’s more or less swept the legs from under me by telling us all that and more two days ago.

So I’ll just remind you all that after the Bordernapolis tomorrow, there’s an after-party.

In the Black & Gold. I try to pop in there when racing’s over most Saturdays, and last time I heard one of the nice ladies from the Supporters Club praising me as I slipped past.

“There’s that bastion of the Berwick club” she muttered.

At least, I think that’s what she said.

Later in the month, there’s what promises to be a real fun night, with the staging – at East Ord Country Park – of the promotion’s End of Season Party.

I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to go. Last time there was a party there, I volunteered to make the balloon animals.

I still insist that balloon looked like a friendly giraffe, except from maybe just that one unfortunate angle.

Oh well.



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