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They've started! Those ol’ winter blues, the monotony of Saturday nights in, watching crap TV.

Thankfully, the Bandits’ End of Season shindig happened on Saturday past, and although my words to describe it would never be as eloquent as old Mister Dodds’ were, the night left me hopeful for the future of our beloved Bandits of Berwick…..

Hopeful that we will see our team march forward into 2019 and hopeful of more good times to come under out forward-thinking promotion…

A large turnout at Ord Country Park certainly helped that feeling!

Five of our Class of ’18 were in attendance (only NBJ and Dany missing) and the banter and spirit that so nearly took us to the play-offs was as evident as ever!

Theo Pijper, looking fabulous in his kilt, gave us one of the highlights of the night when he said the best thing about his 2018 season was “being dropped by Redcar”. I’ll say no more on that, ha ha!

David Howe rocked the packed crowd by announcing his retiral from the sport. His words, clearly from the heart, as he thanked the Bandits’ faithful for welcoming his into our “family” choked me – he summed us up perfectly!

We ARE a family as such up here – a pretty messed-up one, who argue and moan a hell of a lot but who all have one thing in common, and that’s our admiration, respect and gratitude for all who step aboard a bike in our colours.

It got me thinking also how much speedway has truly been a part of my life.

From my very first season (in 1990) to where I am now. The miles I’ve travelled, the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met (including my now husband) the laughs I’ve had, the everlasting memories – all down to speedway!

This winter brings one of the most pivotal BSPA AGMs for our sport.

It’s already well-documented that Poole and Peterborough are up for sale – and no doubt we’ll soon be hearing threats of closure from various clubs.

The powers-that-be in this sport need to come together and think about everyone – not just themselves.

Whether it will be enough to halt the downward spiral that the sport seems to be taking in this country we’ll just have to wait and see.

It is unbelievable what could lie in future for our sport, not least when you consider the product it can be!

Anyways, here’s hoping for some good times to come in season 2019!

On a final note, I must just say God Bless to a dear man in Bob Tasker. Three years since the DVD-producing genius passed away, and what a miss he’s been.

Sleep tight, Mister GRT Media!