New To Speedway?

Almost every Saturday night the Bandits race their home matches at Shielfield Park Stadium from March until October.

Start time is always scheduled for 7pm.

11 clubs compete for the right to call themselves League Champions, battling each other in home and away fixtures up and down the country from Glasgow down to Eastbourne throughout the season.

The SGB Championship also annually hosts a KO cup competition, a revamped 4 team tournament festival, the ever popular Championship Pairs and the individual League Riders Championship, where our highest achieving rider of the season is selected to participate against 15 other Superstars of the  League in a one off event at the popular Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield.

Our research suggests that, combining all of our competitions we perform throughout the season in front of around 40,000 paying spectators in all events.



  • A Race Meeting takes place on an Oval Shale Circuit, usually measuring between 220 & 400 metres, approximately 10-13 metres wide on the straights and between 12 & 18 metres wide on the bends and surrounded in its entirety by a fence.
  • On bends there must be either a polyfoam fence (as at Berwick) or inflatable air fence.
  • Our Riders take part in each race (referred to as a Heat) for 4 laps from a Starting Gate released remotely by the Meeting Referee when all 4 Riders are ready to race and remain stationary.


  • 500cc single cylinder motorcycles with NO brakes.
  • To stop quickly a rider lays his bike down on the track.
  • Only Methanol (wood alcohol) fuel is used.
  • The bikes have one set gear (altered by changing sprockets on the rear wheel or engine sprocket)
  • Push starts from the Pits area
  • Clutch starts at the Starting Gate


  • Teams consist of 7 riders, 
  • ⚫️Teams are constructed using riders average score. 
  • ⚫️Your highest scoring rider is positioned at number one in the team.
  • ⚫️Number 6 and 7 positions in the team are taken by the two lowest average riders and are eligible substitutes throughout the evening if they are out performing fellow team mates. 
  • ⚫️The home team wears Red and Blue helmet covers.
  • ⚫️The away team wears yellow and black and white helmet covers. 
  • ⚫️Heat winners gain 3 points, second place 2 points, third place 1 point and 0 points for last place.
  • ⚫️Team meetings are raced over 15 Heats. 
  • ⚫️2 riders from each team do battle in every race.
  • ⚫️After 15 Heats the team that acquires the most overall points wins the meeting. 
  • ⚫️Riders can be disqualified for dangerous riding or failing to meet the 2 minutes time allowance enforced by the referee to ensure a slick show!