Bandits battle well in defeat at Edinburgh


The Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd." Bandits (Powered by Clear Emery Consulting) are without home action this weekend, but were batting last night at Edinburgh's Armadale Stadium against the Monarchs, and held it tight early on as Coty Garcia won Heat Two, before Aaron Summers (pictured above tonight by Taz Mcd Photography battling Sam Masters) took Heat Five from he gate despite a hard challenge from Ricky Wells throughout in a Bandit's 2-4 to move he match score onto 16-14.

Heat Six was won by Sam Masters well over Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, but he had to work hard to keep William Lawson at bay in third place in a 4-2 extending the gap to four points while Cameron Heeps' huge win over Kevin Doolan in the seventh after the Berwick skipper made a couple of unforced errors ahead of his partner Dany Gappmaier in a shared 3-3, the score now 23-19.

Jye Etheridge took the three points over Lawson in a fine Heat Eight 2-4 to the Bandits with Garcia taking the third places point to bring he Bandits within two points again of the home sides, but Wells and Josh Pickering took control in Heat Nine with a fine 5-1, Pickering passing Busk Jakobsen mid-race putting Edinburgh 30-24 ahead.

Three shared 3-3s followed holding the six point gap, but a Heat 13 blast from Heeps and Masters over Busk Jakobsen and Summers to hammer home a Monarchs' maximum to end the Bandits' challenge with the score set at 44-34 with only two races to run, the match ending 52-38.

Gasy Flint, Berwick's manager said: "We gave these Monarchs a good run for their money tonight at a track renowned as not our favourite, but to hold them close for as long was good going."

Riders' Scores:
Edinburgh: Masters 13+1, Lawson 4, Pickering 6+1, Wells 10, Heeps 13+1, Marson 1+1, Coles 5
Berwick: Summers 12, Etheridge 5+1, Doolan 7+1, Gappmaier 2+1, Busk Jakobsen 6, Garcia 6+2, Flint 0