Bandits dispel the doom 'n' gloom to take fine win


Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 54
Scunthorpe "Henderson Insurance" Scorpions 36
SGB Championship

Having finally relinquished their grip on fourth place in the Championship League table the Berwick "KLS" Bandits welcomed the Scunthorpe Scorpions with the full intention of getting back to winning ways and did both in fine style defeating Scunthorpe by 18 points and reclaiming the league's fourth spot on 19 points.

The visitors had just welcomed back their top man from injury, Steve Worrall who many saw was a key player in the match, but he was out-gated by both Aaron Summers and Kevin Doolan as the Bandits opened with a solid 5-1, won well by the skipper.

Theo Pijper and Dany Gappmaier did likewise over Danny Phillips taking the score to 10-2 and the domination continued with another 5-1 with ease in the third before Josh Auty became the first Scorpion to dent the Bandits maximums as he overpowered Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and kept him in third as Gappmaier won well with the overwhelming score now 19-5.

David Howe ran through the tapes at the start of Heat Five and was replaced by Gappmaier in the re-run but Worrall and tactical substitute Jake Allen roared from the gate to lead and take the fist Scunthorpe success with a 1-5 of their own, before Summers made the perfect gate in Heat Six to win as Doolan found himself passed by first Phillips who was retaken by Doolan as Auty went round both to take the second with the score now 24-12.

Covatti caught his helmet on the tapes in Heat Seven and was justly excluded with Phillips taking his place in the re-run which saw Busk Jakobsen leap to the front only for Allen to swoop wide round him and Pijper for a shared 3-3 holding the gap at 12 points, before Heat Nine had to be halted when Phillips went wide off bend two and collided with the fence going down hard. needing medical attention from the ambulance crew.

Excluded from the re-run Phillips took a precautionary trip back to the pits in the ambulance, as the re-run came to the tapes Auty found himself at the back but shot under Howe hard on bend three of the first lap and took the lead in similar forceful fashion under Etheridge on bend two of the third lap to share the heat 3-3 and hold the 12 point home lead.

As Auty went on to lead Heat 10, his partner Covatti found himself going second to last on bend one in another 3-3, with Doolan and Summers packing in the minor positions , the score now 36-24, but the gap extended after Heat 11 when Pijper powered up to fly round from third to first and lead his partner Busk Jakobsen to the end in a solid 5-1 over Allen and Worrall taking the totals to 41-25.

Covatti took his first points of the night in Heat 12 rounding Etheridge well off bend two to hold the lead and win in a shared 3-3, but the visitors challenge was over as Berwick too a welcome win which left boss Scott Courtney a happy - and relieved man: "Back to winning ways, and decisively too which put us back in fourth place in the league is the best way to counteract the recent negative losses, and the way we took off like a train at the start was awesome stuff.

"These guys hate losing as much as any one us, or any supporter, and we got it together as a team to ram home the positives, on which we need to keep a hold of and build to the end of the year."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 54

Kevin Doolan (c) 3,1,2,0 = 6
Aaron Summers 2*,3,2,1*,3 = 11+2
Jye Etheridge 3,0,2,2 = 7
David Howe 2*,E,1*,3 = 6+2
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 1,2,2*,2,1 = 8+1
Theo Pijper (r) 3,1*,3,1 = 8+1
Dany Gappmaier (r) 2*,3,1,1*,1* = 8+3

Scunthorpe "Henderson Insurance" Scorpions 36

Steve Worrall (c) 1,3,0,3,0 = 7
Stefan Nielsen - Rider replacement
Nico Covatti (guest) 0,0,E,0,3 = 3
Jake Allen 1,2*,3,3,1,2 = 12+1
Josh Auty 2,2,3,3,1,2 = 13
Danny Phillips (r) 1,0,0,Fx,N = 1 withdrawn injured
Gino Manzares (r) 0,0,0,0,R = 0