Bandits hit best winning score of 2019 over Rebels


Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd." Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) 55
Somerset "Cases" Rebels 35

SGB Championship
Pic: Keith Hamblin

Pushed back to avoid the Speedway of Nations live television event, the Berwick Bandits took the track at 7.30pm to tackle the might of the Somerset Rebels, the side who Berwick pushed so hard on Wednesday but after four heats the Bandits found their task significantly easier leading 16-8 with only Rebel guest, Ben Barker taking a win for the visitors in the fourth.

Best race up to this point came in Heat Three with skipper Kevin Doolan blasting hard in third behind Nico Covatti and almost overhauling the Somerset man on the finish line, as Dany Gappmaier took the three points in a 4-2 result, and with two straightforward 3-3s following taking the score to 22-14, before Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen hammered hard under Covatti to whip up to lead down the back straight in a 4-2 to extend Berwick's lead by two.

Etheridge made another stunning gate in Heat Eight to lead well over Todd Kurtz who never let go of the challenge, having to settle for second over Leon Flint in another Bandits' 4-2 moving the lead to 12 points, and come heat 10 Etheridge took his evening's total to 11 with another great win with his partner, Summers taking second to keep Valentin Grobauer into third with the Bandits' maximum as Berwick led 38-22.

Post interval and Schlein, pointless up to this point roared away to win Heat 11 by a mile ahead of Busk Jakobsen in the 2-4 before Barker came in for Anders Rowe in Heat 12 as a tactical substitute, pulling ahead of Doolan off bend two to take an untroubled win while Grobauer took the third over Flint in another Rebels' 2-4 narrowing the gap to 42-30.

Busk Jakobsen took the match-winning three points in Heat 13 taking the win over Barker to ensure a fine home victory.

Team manager Gary Flint said: "This was a workmanlike performance tonight and it did he job, we got the points, all of them, to get ourselves back up into eighth place in the current league table after defeating the third-placed side. It all bodes well for the future."

Individual Riders' Scores

Berwick"Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd." Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) 55

1 Aaron Summers 1,1*2*,1 = 5+2
2 Jye Etheridge 3,2,3,3 = 11
3 Kevin Doolan (c) 1,1*,R,2,3 = 7+1
4 Dany Gappmaier 3,2,3,3 = 11
5 Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 2,3,2,3,1 = 11
6 Coty Garcia (r) 3,1,0,2* = 6+1
7 Leon Flint (r) 2*,1*,1,0 = 4+2

Somerset "Cases" Rebels 35

1 Rory Schlein (c) R,R,3,R = 3
2 Todd Kurtz 2,3,2,1,0 = 8
3 Valentin Grobauer R,R,1,1 = 2
4 Nico Covatti 2,2,R,N = 4
5 Ben Barker (guest) 3,3,2,3,2,2 = 15
6 Anders Rowe (r) 1,0,1*,Ts,R = 2+1
7 Henry Atkins (r) 0,R,0,1 = 1