Frustrating Bandits eager to improve


"The words I want to say would have a bleep machine go into overdrive but we were very, very disappointing tonight although its not because we're not gelling as a team its just we can't gate to save out lives at the moment. At Sheffield I think we only made two gates and tonight wasn't much better and at this level that just ain't good enough.

"You can't give good riders from the other teams 10 metres head start which is what were doing right now and it's got to stop. Kev and Lewis were great at passing tonight but something has to be done as we cannot go on like this. no way!"

Those were the words of extreme frustration from the Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler)'s team manager Gary Havelock right after Heat 15 on Saturday just after his side had succumbed to the Edinburgh Monarch's rapid-fire gating that had left his men chasing from behind on all but two occasions.

A number of times Havelock had taken his side to one side and read them the riot act and with the Bandits due at the Newcastle Diamonds this evening (Sunday April 9th at 6.30pn) it is hoped his words of wisdom will bear fruits in Byker tonight.

Lewis Bridger's heat 10 was a master class in high-speed overtaking after making a poor gate, but scorched his way hard under Erik Riss on the fourth bend of the third lap, winding it on hard over the last lap to soar round Mark Riss off the last bend to sneak a memorable win in the heat of the night, with the score now 30-30.

His efforts in Heat 13 were massive too but sadly the passes just escaped him this time out, Kevin Doolan too had his moments of brilliant while local lad guesting from the Mildenhall Fen Tigers Luke Ruddick warmed himself to his home town crowd in that same Heat 10 when he forced his way round Max Clegg off the third bend of the first lap in a sensational pass.

Tonight at Newcastle is another hard ask on a tight technical track which won't suit all the Bandits. It can only be hoped the Berwick lads have revenge in their hearts after their Tyne-Tweed Trophy defeat last month.