Bandits Welcome Guest Bacon For Blacklock


The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) are continuing their early season without Ryan Blacklock, who after a promising start ended up with a back injury sustained at Ipswich in the Knockout Cup.

The good news is Frenchman Dimitri Berge (R in the above Colin Poole Photo) is back in harness after his injury woes have subsided and is back to full fitness and raring to get back to action.

Team manager Gary Havelock was happy with his guest as he's has heard a lot of good things about young Tom Bacon, who races for Peterborough Panthers in the SGB Championship and Birmingham Brummies in the National League.

"Peterborough's promoter, Ged Rathbone, recommended Tom Bacon to guest for us," said Havelock, "He reckons the lad's a good 'in, and we need a decent number seven so we'll go with what he suggested. Ged and I go back a fair bit as we live in the same village and he's been blowing this lad up to me, so why not?

"Me and Ged played a lot of 5-a-side down home a few years back and to be fair my side usually beat his team right off the park every time, but he's a good guy doing good things at Peterborough and knows a good rider when he sees one. It will be good to get Dimitri back on a bike again against Scunthorpe, as he's desperately keen to get his season back up and running, and it's that sort of commitment and determination we need to get our season back on tracks.

"We have yet to score a League point, and were painfully close last week, but I have a good feeling when Scunthorpe come to us on Saturday night as the team have had enough of this losing stuff and want to go away on Saturday night, full of solid team spirit, with some league points in the bag. In the early match last week they proved they can do it. This weekend we need to go one step beyond."