Berwick Bandits Grand Opener Bordernapolis 2019


The 2019 Speedway season is just around the corner and it’s all systems go for the Berwick Bandits! 

The club opens its doors on its fifty-second season with a bang this Saturday night with riders from all over the country set to do battle for the 2019 Bordernapolis title. 

The annual individual event will be run under the standard Speedway Grand Prix rules which give the top eight qualifying riders, from the 20 qualifying heats, a chance to progress through to the semi-finals and with the successful top two from each going on to a “Winner takes all” grand final. 

The seven “Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd” Bandits take to the track to face one another and long serving Bandits skipper Kevin Doolan is eager to get down to business. 

"The Bordernapolis is a great event to start the season and while team racing commences next week, it’s a treat for us to go all out against each other and get ourselves up to speed in a competitive field." said Doolan. 

As always the tapes go up at 7pm on Saturday night, and in many ways the Bordernapolis is a celebration of another winter of hard work to keep the Bandits on track and promoter Jamie Courtney can’t wait for the shale to fly once again. 

"At the end of last season we felt our time at the club had come to an end, he said, "but we absolutely refused to close the doors because we know what this club means to the fans and the local community. 

"We’ve made big sacrifices to keep the show on the road once again and when the bikes roar into action on Saturday night we can all enjoy what another winter of hard work and passion has created. 

"We are all very excited to see the Bandits' riders take to the track for the first time at Press and Practice (tonight - Thursday) but the serious stuff begins on Saturday night, and its a night not to miss!" 

Press and practice takes place tonight, Thursday 28th of March at 6:30pm and the 2019 Bordernapolis is scheduled for 7pm start time, gates open at 6pm, Adults £17, Concessions £13, Kids £1, season passes ARE valid for this event. 

Bordernapolis 2019 Line-up: 

1 Aaron Summers 

2 Kevin Doolan 

3 Dany Gappmaier 

4 Jye Etheridge 

5 Nikolaj Busk Jakobson 

6 Coty Garcia 

7 Leon Flint 

8 Luke Ruddick 

9 james Sarjeant 

10 Danny Ayres 

11 Matthew Weathers 

12 Nico covatti 

13 Josh Mcdonald 

14 Kyle Bickley 

15 Theo Pijper 

16 Ty Proctor