Berwick vs. Edinburgh Rained off


Pic Aaron Summers in the rain - credit TazMcd Photography

Following the biggest week of promotion from the Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd." Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) management (looking forward to a cracking local league derby with the Edinburgh "Staggs Bar" Monarchs), with substantial work in the town and surrounds, and a huge amount of publicity pumped out, and a slashed admission of just £10.00, and a big, big crowd assembled, the one thing Jamie Courtney has no control over literally rained on his parade with the great British summer weather proving it just cannot be trusted.

Forecasts up to the morning predicted a good evening, but come mid morning the weather apps were turning black and devastatingly they proved correct with a swathe of rain rafting over Northumberland on the radars and landing in Tweedmouth before 5pm.

It was steady if not torrential, but it was enough to cause major concern and as 7.00pm approached the referee decreed the event be delayed until 7.30pm but with the rain having abated, it all went wrong shortly after 7.30pm with the steady rain coming down once again with the referee calling a halt and ending the night.

Readmission tickets issued at the turnstiles will be valid for the Berwick vs. Edinburgh restaging, (to be arranged), or if fans wish to come along to the Shield Semi Final, second leg at Shielfield vs Leicester next Saturday, an event also discounted at £15 for adults, £11 for concessions (kids free as always) - they can use their readmission ticket as a discount voucher worth £10.00 to be knocked off the total admission in fine deal from the Bandits' management.

The Bandits are at Leicester Lions this (Sunday) afternoon at 5.30pm in the Championship Shield Semi Final first leg, and will be keen to keen the affair as close as possible in readiness for next Saturday's deciding leg.