Berwick await Injury news for tonight


It's another wait and see morning for the management of the Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) who are sweating on the result of fitness check on Frenchman Dimitri Berge and local Berwicker Liam Carr,

Carr went down in Heat 10 at Edinburgh last night and instantly took treatment for a seriously sore shoulder and although told his manager it "should" be ok for Saturday night, Havvy wants a definite yes or no early this morning as a rider who starts a match then withdraws after one ride seriously weakens that side as there is then only reserve cover for him.

Berge was, in the eyes of team manager Havelock, very hard done by when, in his opinion he was struck from behind by a "wildly riding" Mark Riss who took he rear wheel and spun the Bandit causing him to flip over the high side and land with a sickening crash on the track - then had insult added to potential injury by being excluded for his fall, a fact again the Berwick manager disputes strongly, turning a Berwick advantage into a deficit, but Berge's fall also damaged a wrist he has broken twice already and his situation will also need to be closely monitored over the early part of this, Saturday, morning.

Should changes or guest be needed then we will endeavour to post the information on this website as soon as it comes to light,

Ryan Blacklock is already out of tonight's match with his ongoing recuperation for a back injury he picked up at Ipswich continuing, and a guest will come in at number seven, but as yet the identity is not known. Last night young Joe Lawlor raced for the Bandits, sadly failing to score.

Tonight vs. the Tigers is a match the Bandits have no option in but to score some vitally awaited SGB Championship points,

It's time to get behind the lads and cheer them to victory!