Down-To-The-Wire Thriller - Bandits Just Miss Out


Saturday's match against Glasgow should have been Berwick's first SGB Championship win had it not been for a post-interval malaise. Pre-break Berwick were leading 34-26, but after the interval Glasgow ended the match winning the final five races 10-20 when Glasgow turned the screws and Berwick's cracks split open wide.

Having said that Berwick's team boss Gary Havelock is still keeping the faith as he reflected on Saturday night and looked forward to Sunday by saying: "It was a crackin' meeting with great racing yes, but it was a shame we couldn't keep up the good early work through the whole meeting as when we needed to give it the gas it was hit and run, crash, bang, wallop, back to the form that bleeds points, even though yes we were better, we still got nothing.

"We won five of the first six heats, that's nearly more than we've won in the rest of the season put together, but Glasgow are a good side and they applied the pressure when they needed to, to take the points and when they applied that pressure it opened up the cracks in our amour again, so I'm very disappointed and congratulations to Glasgow, although I don't think they were the better team as to be honest a draw would have been the fair result.

"At Glasgow on Sunday we will be going up there in the full belief we can get a point or more and really there's no reason why we can't take something. We're not lying down to be walked over - no, far from it!"

Glasgow's Richie Worrall, who took 14 points from five rides loved his racing at Berwick, saying: "When I took my first race I thought what happened to bad old Berwick, it was totally different to before as that track was in excellent condition. It was prepared so you could really attack it and get stuck in and I've never ridden better at Berwick. It's still hard work, as I got arm-pull after one race and in moto cross it takes nearly 20 minutes before you experience that, but I enjoyed this track tonight. It was brilliant."

Danny Phillips proved to be an impressive guest from Newcastle and was worth a lot more that his three points based on the effort he put in, but sadly he has to race for his Diamonds on Sunday so Rob Shuttleworth will deputise for the injured Ryan Blacklock while again rider-replacement covers the four rides for the injured Dimitri Berge.

Kevin Doolan was in exceptional form taking 14 points from his six rides including some of his trade mark super-powered passes while Claus Vissing started like a train for two top-notch wins while Dany Gappmaier enjoyed the best meeting he's had as a Bandits with three wins, one of legendary status in Heat 14, after already passing and beating Lawson in Heat 10, be he again brought the house down in Heat 14, battling so hard for all four laps forcing his way past the leading Nike Lunna off the last bend of the race in a brilliant move to share the heat 3-3 and take the match to a last heat decider, 42-42.

Liam Carr, who suffered a bang to the shoulder at Edinburgh on Friday started off with a rough and tumble Heat Three when his chain was knocked off on the first bend ending his race there and then.

So the show moves to Ashfield today a 3.00pm.... and with the renewed spirit in the side - who dares predict the score today?