Jye finds CRF at Sheffield a tough ask


Jye Etheridge took up the mantle of the Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd. Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) challenger at the Sheffield-staged 2019 Championship Riders' Finals, but found the task in hand a hard one to master.

Out in Heat One, Etheridge struggled to get on terms with winner Sam Masters, Chris Harris and Nick Morris took the points, but better was to come from the Aussie Bandit in Heat Eight he made a magnificent gate to lead early on, but had issues on the opening bend allowing Richard Lawson to take up the lead, however he held second place for the two points over Zaine Kennedy and Rasmus Jensen.

Sadly his three remaining heats proved to be as tough as Heat One as points sadly deserted his haul.

The meeting was won by Erik Riss over Danny King, Ryan Douglas and Sam Masters.