KLS Bandits romp to impressive 26-point revenge


Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 58
Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 32
SGB Championship

24 hours after the Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) narrowly missed out on taking a league point at the Glasgow Tigers as the home side got their act together with two heats to go, the Tigers were the Bandits guests last night at Shielfield Park with only home revenge on the menu and they certainly gained it in style with a 26-point victory which kept them in fourth place in the league.

Glasgow new-boy Craig Cook was away on Speedway Grand Prix duty in Germany, while their other new acquisition Nathan Greaves was out with injury after Friday's encounter, but with Rory Schlein in as a guest for Cook, the Tigers were still not to be taken lightly, but with a solid gate from Aaron Summers he led the way from the off over Schlein as Kevin Doolan whipped round James Sarjeant to seal third in a home 4-2.

Following a Heat Two home maximum which saw Theo Pijper power round Sarjeant off bend two to put he Bandits six ahead, however Heat Three came to a juddering halt when Claus Vissing took the third bend too forcefully and hit the fence on bend three with his exclusion from the re-run after he walked back to the pits.

Following the 5-1 in he re-run Chris Harris led from the Heat Four gate, but straightened up on bend two allowing Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen to take up the lead and win well in a home 4-2 moving the score on to 18-6.

Harris was out again as a tactical substitute and roared out of the gate with Schlein well ahead of Etheridge and Howe for a Tigers' 1-5, narrowing the gap to 19-11, while following a 3-3, Pijper and Busk Jakobsen stepped up their power to take a straight forward maximum over Paul Starke to extend the Bandits' lead to 12 points which went up to 32-16 after another solid Heat Eight maximum for Summers and Gappmaier over Starke.

The best race of the season came in Heat Nine with Etheridge leading from the gate, as Howe rode a brilliant move to pass Harris, but Harris and Howe rode a couple of excellent laps with the Tiger retaking second and powering up behind Etheridge, moving wide off the second bend of the last lap, but Etheridge eased out to stop his progress which he did and Howe took advantage by whipping back up Harris' inside to form a fine 5-1 for the Bandits, if not to Harris' full approval, and after a shared heat 10, the score was 40-20.

Another Busk Jakobsen and Pijper 5-1 came in the 11th to seal Berwick a very welcome victory over one of the fancied sides for the title with the score now 45-21 and four heats to go.

Harris was again in the thick of the action in Heat 13 causing gasps and raising heartbeats with his fantastic moves and passes, nipping past Busk Jakobsen in the closing moments of the race with the Tigers 2-4 briefly restricting the Bandits scoring, but the Bandits' had inflicted enough damage already.

Team boss Scott Courtney was brimming with pride for his riders afterwards saying: "I've said it before but out team spirit wins us these matches as all the guys were right in there taking vital points as a team with 11 bonus points being collected by the closest team in the league, and that's more important that getting a big hitter in to lead, but when you have seven guys all of whom are capable of leading heats, then what more do you need?

"We've still got fourth place and will be doing our best to keep it, and with displays like tonight - and Friday - when some people were whining about us about to get hammered home and away, which was thoroughly proved wrong, then it is still possible to maintain that to the all important play-off cut off dates."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 58

Kevin Doolan (c) 1,2,1*,0 = 4+1
Aaron Summers 3,E,3,2 = 8
Jye Etheridge 2*,1,3,2 = 8+1
David Howe 3,0,2*,3,2 = 10+1
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 3,2*,3,2,1* = 11+2
Theo Pijper (r) 2*,3,2*,2* = 9+3
Dany Gappmaier (r) 3,1,1*,2*,1* = 8+3

Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 32

Rory Schlein 2,3,1,1,0 = 7
Nathan Greaves - Rider replacement
Claus Vissing Fx,R,3,3 = 6
Paul Starke 1,1,1,0,0 = 3
Chris Harris (c) 2,2*,3,1,3,3 = 14+1
James Sarjeant (r) 0,1,E,0,N,0 = 1
Jack Thomas (r) 0,0,0,N,0,1 = 1
Kieran Douglas (No.8) 0 = 0