New Bandits Sponsor looks for support


In an unusual request from a new Bandits Sponsor and Speedway fan Newcastle based businessman John Courtney who had considered standing for election as North of Tyne (NoT) Mayor has withdrawn his candidacy to support fellow independent, John McCabe and is now looking for your support.

John Courtney, founder of Maintenance Network Limited who has sponsored the Berwick Bandits for the first time this season had initially planned to run as an independent candidate in the election to be held on the 2nd of May 2019. However after John met with fellow independent candidate John McCabe to discuss their policies and vision for the role of North of Tyne mayor, John Courtney decided to withdraw and place his full support behind Mr McCabe so much so that John has become the Electoral Agent for John McCabe

John stated “I had been contacted by many people urging me to run,” and “They all shared my frustration at the state of politics in the UK and in the North of Tyne region which is why I gave long and serious consideration to standing as an independent candidate. However having followed media reports on each of the candidates it became obvious to me that John and I shared a very similar outlook. We want to achieve broadly the same things and neither one of us is driven by self-interest or party politics.

“When John and I met we had a very frank, detailed exchange of views on policies. Our conversation confirmed to us both that we were standing for much the same thing so having reflected and carefully considered my position, I decided to withdraw from the race and offer my full support to John McCabe. I sense so many people are angry with politicians acting in their own self-interest so it’s important that in this election, we have a clear, independent alternative not being influenced by Westminster and the so called Political Elite. John will make an exceptional North of Tyne Mayor. I will campaign and vote for him and I’m delighted to say the people who had initially been so kind in supporting me have said they will now do the same for him.

“I have also extolled the virtues of Speedway to him and he is greatly intrigued and to be fair the sport needs all the friends it can get during these testing financial times”

John McCabe, runs a small creative business based in Blyth, and has some very pragmatic, sensible thoughts on how we can use the opportunity of devolution to invest heavily in job creation and business growth and to take more decisions locally on a whole range of issues that impact everyday life for the vast majority of people living, learning or working in our communities, and the difference is he listens and comes up with pragmatic solutions.

The vote to elect the Mayor for the North of Tyne Combined Authority will be held across Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland on 2 May and John Courtney would urge all fellow Speedway fans in the North of Tyne Region to vote for John McCabe stating “let’s take politics out of this key election and make it about local people” We need someone to voice our concerns to Westminster and not be a puppet of the Political establishment.”

You will see John Courtney on the terraces this season at Shielfield Park and Maintenance NETWORK Limited who are sponsoring the Bandits this year will be providing some added zest to the clubs weekly income by raffling two Bandits season passes at this weekends local derby vs the Newcastle Diamonds.

Promoted by John Courtney on behalf of McCabe4Mayor, 3rd Floor Suite, 20 Portland Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1QQ