Bandits vs Scunthorpe on Saturday + Buddy Knievel!


The only speedway action in the region this weekend takes place on Saturday at Shielfield Park when the Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) take on the Scunthorpe Scorpions, although Newcastle's speedway-starved faithful may be tempted up the A1 for Saturday's 7.00pm clash, as their former top man, Steve Worrall is back in action for the Scorpions having recovered from a severely broken leg from early April.

The sides are out for SGB Championship league points tonight and with the Bandits losing a league table position to the all-conquering Workington Comets on Thursday night they're all-out to regain their winning ways to keep that vital fourth play-off place within their grasps and are going full strength on Saturday to make sure it happens.

Team manager Scott Courtney said: "We know - to our detriment - how good Workington have become in recent weeks, so with Scunthorpe at our place the guys have got to get back to their best and get league points coming back out way again. We was to make the play offs but cannot allow wins escaping us, especially at home and Saturday is where the second half of the season push begins.

"Scunthorpe have been battling an injury crisis of late but their number one, top British international, Steve Worrall is back in action and he had a phenomenal record at Berwick which has caused us major problems in the past, so he needs containing from the start without doubt. I hope we should have a serious advantage at reserve, which could be the area of the side we could take a win overall."

Berwick's daredevil mascot "Buddy the Bandit" A.K.A. Buddy Knievel will also feature heavily in Saturday night's entertainment as it appears he has been in solid training for his new stunt motorcycle show including jumps and death-defying fun and games which debuts on the track during the match.

Whilst its clearly not anticipated there'll be an attempt to clear 13 London double-decker busses, it may well be that certain members starting gate staff - Andrew and Nicole - could possibly be coerced into assisting, provided they can be caught, sedated and tied down as the Buddy Knievel show goes public.

Saturday's Line-up:

Berwick: Kevin Doolan (captain), Aaron Summers, Jye Etheridge, David Howe, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Theo Pijper, Dany Gappmaier

Scunthorpe: Steve Worrall (captain), Stefan Nielsen - Rider replacement, Nico Covatti (guest), Jake Allen, Josh Auty, Danny Phillips, Gino Manzares