Summer Shines as Bandits go down at Workington


Workington Comets: 59
Berwick Bandits: 31
SGB Championship
Incorporating the Border Trophy

The East coast/West coast local derby took to the Derwent Park shale in Workington last night with the Berwick Bandits battling the 1st leg of the Border Trophy as well as the all important SGB Championship League points, but he Bandits had to start without Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen who had an obligatory call back to his home Danish League meeting.

On a dry and dusty track early on, Berwick surrendered a 4-2 in Heat One won by Rene Bach who had suffered a nightmare trip back from Denmark with delayed flights causing major problems, before Rasmus Jensen took Heat Two through clouds of dust over Theo Pijper and Dany Gappmaier for a shared 3-3 taking he early score to 7-5.

Workington went four up after another 4-2 in the third with Ty Proctor taking the three points, but off bend two of the second lap Dan Bewley whipped up the inside of Jye Etheridge to stop the share, while the home 4-2s continued in Heat Four as Aaron Summers spoiled the Comets' maximum diving hard up the inside of Jensen on the second lap, and with the score now 15-9, a very welcome break to water the track took place.

Summers was out again in the fifth as a tactical substitute for the rider replacement, and was looking good out in front until Bewley took the inside dive under Summers on the last lap to take the win in yet another 4-2 result as Proctor took advantage of Doolan at the back.

Summers took his third ride in three races in Heat Six and this time took glory from the gate despite being chased hard by Bach all race to share the heat and move the scores on to 22-14, but following another 3-3, Heat Eight saw Howe whip up the inside of Jensen on the opening lap only for the Comet to return the favour a lap later, soon to be joined by Campton in a Workington maximum, putting 12 points between the sides.

Summers and Bewley swapped places at the front in Heat Nine several times, with the Bandit taking his second win of the night in a 3-3, before again the home side hammered in another maximum 5-1 from in Heat 10 from Bach and Campton who battled well with spirited Howe taking the score to 38-22.

However the hammer blow for the Bandits came in Heat 12, when another Workington 5-1 was delivered from Jensen and Proctor, both of whom passed Etheridge on lap one with the score line now 46-26, and now certainly out of reach of Berwick's grasps, Summer's superb night saw him entered into Heat 15, a well deserved nomination after a fine night's work.

Secondarily the result put the Comets in pole position for he Border Trophy, settled on aggregate on tonight in the deciding leg at Shielfield Park (7.00pm) which again is an SGB Championship match first and foremost.

Team manager Scott Courtney said: "Aaron had a great night tonight and rode some fantastic races, really shining bright but tonight was not our night as we went down by a - to be fair - disappointing 28 points when we were hoping to keep it a lot closer, but that's the nature of speedway at times and tonight we have to make amends and return the compliment - which the guys are well are truly up for."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Workington "Thomas Armstrong" Comets 59

Rene Bach 3,2,3,2*,2* = 12+2
Mason Campton 1,1*,2*,2* = 6+3
Ty Proctor 3,1,1*,2* = 7+2
Dan Bewley 1,3,2,3 = 9
Nikolaj Klindt 3,3,3,3 = 12
Kyle Bickley (r) 0,0,0,0 = 0
Rasmus Jensen (r) 3,1,3,3,3 = 13

Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 31

Kevin Doolan (c) 2,0,1*,1 = 4+1
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen - Rider replacement
Jye Etheridge 0,0,1*,0,1 = 2+1
David Howe 2,2,1,1,2,0 = 8
Aaron Summers 2,2,3,3,0,1 = 11
Theo Pijper (r) 2,0,0,0,1* = 3+1
Dany Gappmaier (r) 1*,0,0,2 = 3+1