Kevin Doolan

DOB: 30/11/1980

The skipper! Kevin is one of the cheeriest guys in speedway and has ridden for a number of clubs, starting in 1999 with Belle Vue (when he possessed a striking green-coloured bike!) then on to Berwick, Glasgow and King’s Lynn and several others as listed below.

Has had two great seasons as our club captain and will be a popular leader of our squad again in 2016.

BRITISH CAREER: (1999-2000) Belle Vue; (2002) Berwick; (2003) Glasgow; (2004) King’s Lynn; (2005) King’s Lynn, Ipswich; (2006) King’s Lynn, Eastbourne; (2007) Belle Vue; (2008) King’s Lynn; (2009) Workington, Belle Vue; (2010) King’s Lynn; (2011) Ipswich, Lakeside; (2012) Ipswich, Redcar; (2013) Lakeside, Leicester; (2014-16) Berwick.

CLUB HONOURS: Knock-Out Cup winner: 2005, 2006 [both King’s Lynn]; Young Shield winner: 2005 [King’s Lynn]; Premier Trophy winner: 2006 [King’s Lynn]; League Championship winner: 2006 [King’s Lynn]; Four-Team Championship winner: 2009 [Workington], 2011 [Ipswich].