Absence, Heart, Fonder Etc.

Published on 6th July 2020
Author Mythman

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder…or is it absinthe makes the heart stop beating?

I forget…anyway I was asked the other day what I have missed most during the whole lockdown period.

My answer? The speedway and my sanity, although admittedly whether the latter was ever there in the first place is debatable, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that because there is no speedway at the moment, we are all missing it. But surely that would mean that when we can all gather to watch and hear the bikes roar once more, it is going to be that little bit more special than before.

Absence, heart, fonder etc…

With the enforced lockdown and no live action to witness I, like many others have been keeping a keen eye on the Polish Ekstraliga, so much so I even spoke about it on the Talk Speedway Podcast at great length.

But the hosts of that touched on something that really made me think…Scott Frame asked me if the Polish Speedway had captured imagination, and I said it had as it’s high level action and some speedway is better than none when your hand is forced.

But then the same question was asked to Scott’s co host Graham Muncie and his reply was this…

“I follow a team (Edinburgh) and if I had to choose between watching Zielona Gora vs Wroclaw on the TV on a Friday night, or watch the Monarchs pumping the Tigers at Armadale, I’m going up the M8 every single time.”

At that point it hit me-  “Bugger…I wish I’d thought of that!”

Of course for me you replace Edinburgh with the Bandits, the Tigers with the Monarchs, Armadale with Shielfield and M8 with A1 but the point remains the same!

All the televised action in the world simply isn’t the same as seeing your team live and in glorious high definition, there is simply nothing like it.

But it’s so much more than just the speedway, it’s the social aspect, having a burger, a beer and a catch up with friends, the types of friends for life you make thanks to this wonderful sport.

It’s that anticipation of what may or may not happen in that nights meeting, it’s the rush of knowing that your team is gonna have to ride out of their skins to produce a result and it’s that love for YOUR club that makes it all worthwhile.

Hell, it’ll even be good to catch up with that guy you meet at the track that calls you by the wrong name, but after all this time you don’t have the heart to correct him!

If the day shall come where it is deemed safe to watch some live racing in the UK then count me in, as at this point standing out in the freezing cold watching the best sport in the world is pretty bloody appealing.

If someone was to tell me that I had to listen to Coldplay’s entire back catalogue in order to see some live speedway, I’d probably do it.

If someone told me I had to participate in Come Dine With Me with Katie Hopkins, Peirs Morgan and Jamie Oliver just to see some live speedway, I’d probably do it.

If someone told me that I had to find Lord Lucan just to see some speedway, I’d get in contact with Liam Neeson and set about finding him.

You may laugh, but the way this year has went, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Lord Lucan turn up on Shergar once the season gets underway.

In case you hadn’t realised, I’m missing the speedway in a big way…

But…Absence, heart, fonder etc…

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Until next time…and there will be a next time.
Right I’ll hae’tae gan


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