Published on 6th May 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

If there’s one thing I’ve never appreciated so much until now, it’s that we truly are blessed with what we have here at Berwick Speedway!

A big stadium…. a clean stadium…. probably the best merchandise in the country…. a promotion trying to put on the best show they can….. bringing the sport into the modern era….. trying to capture the fans of the future….. they’ve provided a track fit for racers….. they’ve given the fans what they wanted….

We asked for a number 1 and boy, did we get one…. we asked for a fresh team…. we got that…. we’ve got 2 paramedics, 2 ambulances and first aid care to ensure the safety of riders and continuity of the show!

Oh my goodness… if only others could say all that!

Last weekend saw home and away meetings against our long-time foes, the Newcastle Diamonds! A match up that used to be one you didn’t want to miss. But Newcastle, and no disrespect here, went off the boil!

A walkover was anticipated on social media due to Newcastle’s poor form, but those with a bit of sense knew that this could be a track Newcastle could do well on; they were tracking 3 former Bandits in Paul Starke, Matty Wethers and Lee Complin and a much better guest than their originally named (and currently injured) no.1 Bradley Wilson-Dean!

A final score line of 54-36 showed a comfortable win for us but Lee Complin… did he not roll back the years? I said on social media earlier in the week that he is one of a very small few who have the testicles big enough to ride as wide as our track will allow.. and he didn’t disappoint!

A very bright light for the Diamonds in what has so far been a dismal start. Of course, our night wasn’t all positive as we lost Leon to a dislocated shoulder after a bizarre post-race handshake between him and Theo went very wrong. Leon is currently awaiting a formal length of time that he will have to sit on the sidelines…. No doubt he will try to get back quicker than advised though — all speedway riders do! It’ll be interesting to see if we use guests or r/r……
Anyways, off down the road we went to Brough the next day, and I’m just gonna shake my head as I try to put words carefully here.

If I’m paying £18 as an entrance fee the very least I want for my money is to see a track that is “raceable”… not just rideable, RACEABLE!

As early as heat 1, the vast majority of us knew that wouldn’t be the case as experienced riders Kyle Howarth and Matthew Wethers were made to look almost novices, bouncing around bends 3 & 4;

Ty Proctor unfortunately found himself a victim of bends 3&4 in heat 2; hitting the safety fence coming out of bend 4 and landing very awkwardly. His misfortune meant he was withdrawn from the meeting and would have to be blue-lighted to the RVI — this delay being roughly 90 minutes as Newcastle only had one ambulance (I take it back for applauding them when I thought they had 2 following the Birmingham farce).

Thankfully we now know that nothing is broken with Ty – he has nerve damage in the neck area — but how we missed him during the meeting!

Kyle Bickley was then speared by George Congreve on bend 3 in the rerun (which led to Congreve being withdrawn after another two last places, this being attributed to delayed concussion. Max Clegg also came a cropper on bends 3&4 whilst at the back on his own.

Other than that, if you came off the inside line, you were done for. Now, I’m not a speedway rider but I am a fan, one that has been attending for quite some time…. and I ain’t a sour puss.

I’ve seen 69-25 and 61-29 score lines against us many a time…. I’m chuffed we got something out of it in the end…. but my God, that ain’t nowt to rave about down there.

The crowd was boosted by a large contingent of Berwick fans…. and it will likely be the same this weekend when Glasgow are there… but after that, good luck to their promotion!

We’ve thankfully got another week of recuperating for our injured senior riders as the GHT Bullets take centre stage this weekend.

We’re gonna need it though – coming up tomorrow week will be a very pesky team who (sadly) have a pretty good record at Shielfield over the last few years – Redcar Bears, who we’ll be facing again next month as our KO Cup quarter-final opposition….

But that’s next weekend, this is right now.

Belle Vue Colts? They look a tasty team…

‘Mon the Bullets!!

See you all trackside!



Disagree with Sarah? Contact her on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk – if you feel brave enough!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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