Published on 24th April 2022
Author Dick Barrie

Well, that was a bit of all right, eh?

The Oxford Cheetahs – a team good enough to go down the road and win at Brough less than 24 hours after getting bonked at Berwick – must have wondered what hit them on Saturday night.

They had classy stars in Scotty and Troy-boy and a gutsy reserve in Nathan Stoneman – and best of all, they were getting out the starts…….

If we believe the gospel according to critics based at places as exotic as Glasgow, Edinburgh or Newcastle, getting out the gate and around the first two bends is all that it takes to beat the Bandits……..

However, as I was pleased to point out, the letters FTG wouldn’t have been figuring much on any of the update sites, as our FTS-backed Banditos proved time and again that overtaking was their speciality!

Looking at the completed programme, and going from memory – I wasn’t exactly taking notes – I reckon there were NINETEEN passes made in ten of the heats.

Apart from two from Scott Nicholls – who had a great pass-and-re-pass dice with Kyle Bickley in Heat 4 – and three by Kyle Newman (who must have wondered what was happening in just about every one of his races) the passing was being done by Berwick riders.

It may have been one of the best meetings – and I’ve watched over 700 of them – I’ve ever seen at Shielfield Park in terms of passing, close finishes and exciting racing.

Yet the final score was 59-31, and the win was frankly never in doubt after five races.

But, with so much close racing and passing, who cared?

The spirit in the camp at our home meetings has to be felt – and in the pits you can indeed feel it – and the recruitment of Chris Harris and Ricky Wells has given our team real bite in the bigger races.

Interesting fact: There have been 336 riders who have worn our colours in three leagues since 1968.

Since joining us, Bomber has scored 54 points in five matches, and these points have already taken him from 336th in the list before his first race, right up to 208th!

One hundred and eight places up the all-time scoring list in just five matches! If he maintains this kind of return, who knows where he’ll be in the table by the end of term?

The Rickster has also been productive – he’s collected 51 points in the same five matches, which places him at #212.

Watch this space….

Having mentioned Oxford’s win at Brough Park further up this page, I should go on to remind you that the Geezers are at Shielfield this Saturday, with our Academy side (featuring the third Pijper, Stene) starting their NJL campaign after the main meeting.

One of the main attractions for many of us will be the return of Lee Complin to Berwick. With the track now giving us the kind of speedway we’ve been watching this season, adding wee Lee to the mix is icing on the cake!

Tapes up at seven. We ran a little late before the start of the Oxford meeting, which I acknowledged when introducing the parade. We certainly hope it wouldn’t become a habit to start late – but I would suggest it was worth waiting for!

Let’s go skidding………….


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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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