Lost For Words?

Published on 25th September 2019
Author Mythman

It doesn’t tend to happen very often, but as I sat down to type this out I found myself more or less lost for words.

Hard to believe right?

The reason?

Well we have reached that strange time in the year where our own on track action has come to an end but there are other teams still in playoff action and the likes.

Soon enough this too will all be over and there will be no action to speak of at all, and this will likely to be followed by a period of uncertainty before the annual AGM where big decisions will need to be made to safeguard the sports future.

Sound familiar?

It should do as it seems like we say it every single year.

While there is an element of truth in that statement , the harsh reality of the situation is that in spite of it we have seen the loss of speedway at Rye House, Lakeside, Workington, Buxton and more recently Stoke for a number of varying reasons, and if we look back a little further the sport has seen the loss of tracks like Newport, Hull, Bradford, Oxford, Exeter and plenty of others in a little over the last two decades.

Tracks are closing at an alarming rate, and I realise that sometimes circumstances can be outwith the control of the promoters and such like but when I see tracks closing down I can’t help but feel a sadness for the fans of the club in question.

With that being said, it doesn’t half make me realise how bloody lucky we are to have such a wonderful speedway facility in Berwick and it doesn’t half make me realise how bloody lucky we are to have a team to support.

Alright we didn’t make the playoffs, alright we didn’t win the Shield and we didnt win the Knockout Cup, but you know what?

I’m alright with that.

Don’t think for a second that I don’t want the club to be successful, I want that just as much as the next Bandits fan, perhaps even more so. I’ve seen us win, I’ve seen us lose, I’ve seen us thrive and I’ve seen us struggle but I’ve always supported my team through thick and thin.

But what I want above any cup, trophy or championship is my team coming to the tapes season after season and at this precise moment in time it would appear that things are looking fairly positive in terms of the Bandits being back at the tapes to do it all again in 2020 and as fans we owe it to the club to fully throw our weight behind it and support it as best we can.

We may not have won much in the way of silverware in 2019 but we have more than held our own, we’ve defied the odds and overcame adversity. Not only that, we have enjoyed some tremendous nights, with THAT double header meeting immediately springing to mind…(did I mention we also pumped the Monarchs?)

The fact that we are going to have the opportunity to create more memories like that next season is arguably greater than any cup final victory.

Dont believe me?

Ask any Workington fan if they would trade in the treble they won last year for the opportunity to see their team take to the track once more and see what they say.

Ask any Bradford fan if they would trade in all the Knockout Cups they won over the years to hear the bikes roar around Odsal once more and see what they say.

The point is, support your local track because in a flash it could all be just a memory and like the song says, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

So much for being lost for words…

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Until next time…and there will be a next time.
Right I’ll hae’tae gan


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