Music To My Ears

Published on 11th August 2020
Author Mythman

A lack of inspiration is a funny old thing and it would be fair to say that me being lost for words is a fairly rare occurrence.

So what to do?

Throw in the towel?

Bring the streak to an end?

Not just yet…

So what is there to talk about?

Well I could mention my real job, but as virtually anyone in the motor trade will tell you, it’s not exciting and nobody will give a monkeys about it.

I could rant about how many people ruin my day on a daily basis but I won’t because my book will be coming out at some point in the very distant future!

I could rant about how people who don’t practice what they preach, but to be honest this is neither the time of the place, so what to talk about?

Well as those that know me will tell you, I like to keep my ear to the ground on the old social media and I keep an eye on my Twitter machine, seeing what’s going on in the world…the speedway world at least.

There is a tremendous page on there called “Spotted at Speedway” which generally takes a light-hearted look at all things in our great sport.

Ah, lighthearted…that’s more like it!

Now they had a post up recently asking about Speedway being linked with music, be it on album cover artwork or in music videos and I thought to myself :- “I could get in on that!”

Now speedway and music are two of my biggest passions in life and they are more often than not my escape from the mundane, monotonous and the ignorance of every day life.

In terms of relatively recent music releases both Elbow with their single Charge and the YouMeAtSix single Fresh Start Fever feature speedway in the videos.

I also know that going a little further back there was a moderately terrible Scottish band called Speedway and that even further back than that Paul McCartney and Wings had an album called Red Rose Speedway.

All facts of a fascinating nature I’m sure you’ll agree!

However that isn’t really what I wan’t to touch on….

When I first started watching speedway I can distinctly remember that each rider had their own song which would be played each time they won a race.

From memory, some of these were as follows –

Scott Lamb, Star by Kiki Dee

Paul Bentley, Unbelievable my EMF

Lee Complin, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

Michal Rajkowski, Rock You Like a Hurricaine by Scorpions

Paul Clews, Thunderstruck by AC/DC

I also seem to remember Silver Machine by Hawkwind being used for more than one rider…but it’s a class tune so I’m alright with that!

On the flip side of that When I’m Cleaning Windows by George Fornby was used for Alan Mogridge for a short time, presumably because he hated it.

While I know this happens at a few tracks around the country I can’t help but feel that the uniqueness of it all has been lost a little as time has gone on.

Is it because what qualifies as music in 2020 can only be politely described as s***e? Who knows?

But what I would be intrigued to know is some of the music the riders before my time watching speedway would win races to.

Or perhaps you know the perfect tune for a particular rider? (comedic entries are encouraged)

There are bound to be some classics out there I’m sure of it.

Get in touch, lets have some fun with it because let’s face it, there ain’t a whole lot else going on in the speedway world just now.

Of course if you wish to agree, or disagree with the Mythman, have an idea for a feature, or you simply want to chew the fat over all things speedway, you can email me or get in touch via the JB Speedway Media Facebook page. If your compliments, or indeed gripes can be contained to limited characters, you can send me a tweet @Mythman666.

Until next time…and there will be a next time.
Right I’ll hae’tae gan


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