Near Misses, Wins, Losses, More Losses and Bouncing Back

Published on 17th July 2022
Author Mythman

Jekyll and Hyde.


Defined as used in reference to a person or a thing that alternatively displays two different sides to their nature or character.

In this case, the Berwick Bandits.

We started the season well, emphatic wins over Edinburgh, Birmingham and Oxford and we were well on the charge. One fateful evening against Redcar it all began to unravel, and a bit of a losing streak started as we fell victim to losses against the Bears, Glasgow, and Leicester.

Three consecutive home defeats followed by rain offs meant the best part of a month without any home action and the Bandits were written off against Poole. What followed was a much improved display from the Bandits as they battled to a draw against the league champions.

That is a result I would have been happy with prior to the meeting but having been 10 points up and to see the win cruelly torn away from us following an engine failure for Chris Harris in heat 15, it felt like a defeat.

However, a surprise win against Oxford saw an upturn in fortunes and it was the type of result that you felt the Bandits were always capable of producing. Suddenly, tit seemed like the momentum was back in our favour but Glasgow away was where the rubber met the road for that.

A thumping defeat, crashes for Ricky, Jonas, Theo and Leon left us battered and bruised and our Knockout Cup encounter against Redcar, already a tough meeting, became an awful lot tougher.

And so it proved…

Redcar came, saw, and conquered and with three 5-1’s inside the first four races, they had the tie all but won before it was really started.

Were the Bandits that bad, or were Redcar simply that good?

Ultimately it didn’t matter, because the end result is that we find ourselves unceremoniously dumped out of the Knockout Cup and fair play to Redcar, they were by far the better side.

No excuses really, but what I will say is that was a tough, tough meeting to watch and perhaps, even tougher to commentate on.

First and foremost, I am a Bandits fan. A fan with much to say and I’m afforded the platform upon which to say it.

Now I could come on here and slate the Bandits and carry out a full post mortem on the meeting but that wouldn’t actually achieve anything. Irrespective of the result, I will ALWAYS support my team and will continue to do so.

I generally always try to see the positives when it comes to the Bandits but truth be told, there weren’t many against Redcar. That said, Jonas is proving to be a trump card and Nathan Stoneman did battle hard, albeit for little reward.

There will be no criticism of any Berwick riders from me here, nor will there ever be.

The Bandits may be at the bottom end of the league table and we may be out of the cup. The Redcar meeting was, a disaster, a write off and what’s done is done. Simply put, it was just one of those nights.

I don’t care who you are, EVERY club has them at some point or another.

The key is to keep supporting your club, because you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.

So, we move on, and this weekend we take on our old rivals the Edinburgh Monarchs, who by contrast didn’t start as well as we did, but are a team in form now and with the likes of Sam Master and the ultra-exciting Josh Pickering in their side, won’t be any pushovers.

We’ve beaten them before; we’ve lost to them before and in recent seasons they’ve been somewhat of a bogey side for us.

So, what better way to get out of a slump than putting one over your nearest and dearest?

Saturday night, Shielfield Park.

Get your backside trackside!

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Until next time…and there will be a next time.

Right, I’ll hae’tae gan.




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