Published on 12th September 2019
Author Sarah Charalambous

Saturday came… Saturday went… and oh my goodness did it deliver!

It gave us six massive home points… no away points left Shielfield… and somehow we still found ourselves in with a shot at the top 4…..

Be still my beating heart!

Saturday had everything; a massive win against the Monarchs which again ended their play off hopes (quiet smile); a faultless Jye Etheridge maximum against his former club and a literally backs-to-the-wall performance against the Tigers from Glasgow!

And should we even discuss the atmosphere?

I’ve not missed too many Saturday nights over the years (only due to my university sabbatical) but I can honestly say, I’ve never experienced such noise… such togetherness… as everyone representing or supporting the Black and Gold unified to push us over the line.

The 5-1 in Heat 14 which pushed us 7 ahead and then that heart-stopping heat 15 and subsequent almost WWE-like drama.

For what it’s worth, my tuppenceworth on that, being how I ain’t Craig Cooks biggest fan?

Well, I hugely appreciate seeing a guy who won’t just sit back and be happy with his points; Cookie many a time dispelling the myth you can’t pass on our track.

Unfortunately, just this time, he got it wrong.

Jye was miffed… that we all saw… and credit to another person here I’ve called over the years, Jim McGregor!

He sensibly came down from his referees box to calm down our wound-up Aussie.. Situation resolved… oh aye… until Cami Brown came out to set it off again!

Why he felt the need to do so, knowing how tensions were at that time, was beyond me. It may have been the Glasgow Tigers fan in him but there is a time and a place… that wasn’t the time or place… and I was told by a dicky-bird that he was politely informed to “go away”. HahahahahahHahahaha (okay, I’ll stop there)……

Anyways, the cold hard fact then remained that we seemed likely to have an ending similar to that of last season.

We had two away meetings to go. There’s no ifs and buts here… we needed 4 points from Birmingham to take it all the way to Glasgow.

Well, despite a valiant effort, we got only one. My spy at Perry Barr tells me the match went very close, with THJ straining every fibre to try and catch and pass Tero (their hero) in Heat 15 to get at least a draw – but the Banditos went down 46-44.

As my dear husband tells me, it’s the hope that kills us, every time!

So now we face just one more match. As announced by the Tigers yesterday morning, we will be the second meeting of their double header this Saturday. The question is, can we get them when they’re tired?

Which would be very, very nice. And confirm our fifth place in the table. So near but yet so far. Again.

Which is quite an achievement for this little, marvellous, often-overlooked but totally-wonderful border club.

Let’s do it, Bandtios!


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