Number Victims, Necessary Changes & Nothing To Lose

Published on 14th June 2022
Author Mythman

Apparently, a week is a long time in politics. I personally wouldn’t know because I find that particular topic incredibly tedious and frankly, bloody boring.

 What I do know though is that a lot can happen in a day in speedway and as the jungle drums began to rumble and the rumour mill began to circulate about Bandits team changes my phone was red hot.

 By the time yesterday morning came around and the announcement of Nathan Stoneman and Jonas Knudsen joining the Bandits in place of Kyle Bickley and Ty Proctor began to break, my phone was white hot. If I was sent the link by one person, I was sent it by 100.

 But you know what? I love it, it gets people talking and it’s good to talk.

 Before I pass comment on the new arrivals, I simply must thank Ty Proctor and Kyle Bickley for their considerable efforts in Bandits colours in 2022. When we signed Ty, I’ll admit I raised an eyebrow and thought it was a gamble, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because he was donning the black and gold.

 Just as Ty was steadily beginning to find his feet, stringing together some consistent scores, and beginning to look like the rider we knew he could be disaster struck and he was on the injured list. Truth be told, in his absence, much like Jye Etheridge, we have struggled to cover for him and to be honest, the minute it became apparent that his injury was a little more complicated, a change simply must be made.

 Ty hasn’t done anything wrong; he finds himself on the side-lines through no real fault of his own and as such, the team must move on and that’s exactly what the Bandits have done. It’s speedway and injuries are sadly part and parcel of it. Hopefully Ty will be back, and we can all see just what he can do.

 The case with Kyle Bickley is a little different in the sense that he finds himself a victim on speedway’s dreaded numbers game. In order to replace Ty Proctor with a rider of an average above, someone else has to make way and in this instance, it has to be Kyle Bickley. Now there have been conflicting reports about Kyle’s confidence and that isn’t my place to comment on, but one thing I will say is that while he has been sensational for the Bullets, he hasn’t always looked the same rider in Bandits colours.

 Kyle can certainly feel aggrieved by the situation and there are a few fans who certainly felt that he had been hard done by, and yes, he has. As someone put it, Kyle is really just collateral damage in the situation and that truly is a shame.

 Yes, Kyle can feel hard done by, and he has had some great moments in Black and Gold, including passing Craig Cook in one of the most memorable races of this season. He is too talented a rider to be on the side-lines for too long and I for one would love to see him back in a Bandits race jacket in the not-too-distant future.

 In the meantime, he will still have his Bullets commitments to fulfil and I’ve no doubt he will give that his all, as he has done all year. The other side of the coin is that I fully believe that if Ty hadn’t been hurt, that him and Kyle would still be in the team because they were both doing a sterling job.

 That’s speedway though.

 So, of the new boys we welcome first Nathan Stoneman who was an impressive visitor to Shielfield Park for both Oxford side’s and he proved to be an aggressive battler on the track. We like those at Berwick. While he may find the going a little tough there will be plenty of effort and that is all we can ask for. He won’t be short of support and truth be told, he is probably the best two point rider available at this time.

The case of Jonas Knudsen is perhaps more of a curious one as it will definitely come as more of a surprise. He looks a very good prospect and the fact he is a former 250cc world champion would suggest he isn’t short on talent. Of course, he will take a little time to bed in and get to grips with his new surroundings but at this stage of our season, I don’t think we have anything to lose.

So, thank you Ty and Kyle, welcome Jonas and Nathan.

 You know, a day or two ago I was struggling for content and what to write, a lot can happen in a day in speedway!

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Until next time…and there will be a next time.

Right, I’ll hae’tae gan.



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