Published on 24th April 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

To quote our former captain….. our speedway on Saturday 23rd April at Shielfield Park produced proper speedway out of the top drawer….. and the score line in no way reflects the meeting at all!

My last blog touched upon the negative side of things from Birmingham, but how glad am I that my happiness was restored by my home town club!

I’m writing this blog right on time, much to Mr. Barrie’s amazement, as I’m still coming down from the thrills of one of the best meetings we’ll see for some time at Berwick!

The myth of Tom, Craig and Harry saying “you can’t pass at Shielfield”… aye, well to all who think that –GIRFUY!

Last night proved that with the track prep done right and the riders in the frame of mind to do it, Shielfield Park is one hell of a place at which to watch a speedway meeting!

First of all, step forward El-Capitano, Chris Harris…… . I think we all knew we were lucky when he initially signed for us but my goodness, how long have we waited to see a Bandit number 1 fight and battle his way through for a heat win like we saw, first in heat 10 and then that spectacular heat 13 last night.

That was Bomber at his absolute best and had his bike not gone kaput in heat 15 then I have no doubt he’d have been celebrating his first (but surely not last) 15-point maximum in black-and-gold!

Ty Proctor is becoming more and more comfortable considering his horror season of last year where his confidence took a right battering…… he is at the right club for sure! No pressure….. just enjoying riding the bike again and the points are coming 😁

Theo… he’s 42 you know! Honestly… you’d never know the way he continues to rack up points….. the only ones dropped last night being the 5-1 that Batchelor and Nicholls scored over him and Leon!

He’s what i call the perfect middle-order man…. and all this as well as having to keep an eye on his boys as they continue their careers up the speedway ladder! Be proud Mrs Pijper….. be very proud!

Leon will no doubt be frustrated he let Kyle Newman get the better of him in heat 3 but that was more like him last night when he picked off Troy Batchelor in that marvellous (nae passing at Berwick) Heat 5 that also saw Theo get Troy on the last bend.

Ricky was perfect back up as 2nd heat leader to Bomber with his only points dropped coming in heat 15!

It’s been so much more heartening getting points in the “big heats” this year! 😁

Jye was faultless last night… gating… passing! Nothing else need be said.

Kyle is likely to feel frustrated with things at the minute; evident with the fact he was out trying a few laps after the meeting, which is very encouraging to see. He is the lowest average rider in the team so seriously shouldn’t pressure himself too much! Hell.. not many number 7s will get the chance to pass, and then hold up, Scotty Nicholls for 2 laps! He is scoring points and contributing to high home wins which is what matters; paid 6 last night!

Hopefully rattling up some more race wins with the Bullets alongside his Bandits scores will allow him to continue to flourish!

Based on our three home performances so far…. against Edinburgh and Oxford especially, as they’re being being touted as our competition for play off places…. it’s going to take a very special performance to beat us!

Most of the battle towards getting in to the play offs is winning your home meetings — no complaints from me so far! Didn’t think I’d get to nearly May with no complaints 😀

Let’s hope this can keep up… my husband gets an easier home life when I’m happy 😉

Newcastle home and away next week… we welcome back old friends Matthew Wethers and Lee Complin!

Wonder if the Diamonds will be coming with a guest for the injured Bradley Wilson Dean or whether they’ll eventually sign someone?!

Get yourself trackside to find out…

Laters 👋



Disagree with Sarah? Contact her on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk – if you feel brave enough!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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