Published on 8th November 2018
Author Dick Barrie

I go off on holiday for a couple of weeks, and things happen — big-time!

At some other tracks seeking assistance, I see promoters are admitting to crippling losses and begging to be bailed out financially or their speedway will close.

Here at Berwick, this is not the case.

Your promoters Scott and Jamie, having revitalised their product, boosted their young asset-base, attracted valuable sponsorship, built a training track, created a successful – fifth in the table was a notable achievement – yet inexpensive team AND paid the bills, are offering Berwick Speedway as a going concern without any lurking liabilities to deter a prospective purchaser.

In view of the state of our sport elsewhere, these boys have been the ultimate super-heroes. They make Batman and Robin look like Steptoe & Son

Who cannot understand Scott’s words on Monday morning? “We are able to offer a new owner, or group of owners, a club that is all ready to go once again”.

“We have made positive progress to sustain the club, and anyone following the formula will have very few issues moving forward”.

Scott couldn’t have made things any clearer – the club, a vibrant, going concern is for sale ONLY because the Courtney brothers can no longer afford the time to maintain it to their high standards.

Each has a business outside speedway and a young family. To continue to promote the Bandits to the level of their expectations would put these things, each of them far more important in their lives, at risk.

I’ve been around. I’ve seen speedway bankrupt businesses and suck the lifeblood out of marriages far too often. It is to these young men’s credit they have recognised the danger signals in time.

As I’ve seen – and I’ve served virtually every Bandits’ ownership over the past fifty summers – every promotion had a shelf-life.

Some lasted longer, some ended more dramatically than others, but we can recognise that each brought something new to the table, and must be thought of kindly as we look back on their tenure.

We’re ready for the next leap forward.

Our club is more fortunate than many, in that while the ownership might change we have an incredible rolling roster of volunteer staffers who have turned out over so many years and for so many owners, performing thankless tasks to keep our speedway alive.

These amazing folk work for the good of the club, not for any personal recognition.

If – no, when – a new ownership agrees to pick up and run with the bouncing ball that is speedway at Berwick, they won’t just be buying into a successful business, they’ll be inheriting half a century of Tweedside tradition and absorbing the goodwill of the community.

To those who are impatient for news, we must firstly await the BSPA decisions from their AGM – no-one should enter into meaningful discussion about buying a pig without knowing what else might be in the poke – but I feel we have enough trust in our still-current ownership to allow us to sleep easy, knowing the sale, while inevitable, will be handled with all due diligence.

Meaningful enquiries meanwhile, should be addressed to:



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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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