Published on 21st November 2019
Author Kevin Doolan

Everyone has been asking what my plans will be for 2020.

Will I be back to ride on for another year, or was I thinking about heading back to Aussie?

Might I be hanging up the my boots and retiring, anytime soon?

Well firstly, I’ve decided not to commit to a full season of racing in 2020.

I still love racing my bike and I don’t see myself hanging the boots up — but I do feel that stepping away from full time racing will free up some time for me to explore other opportunities in life.

As for my future I don’t have any concrete plans.

I’ll continue to be involved at Berwick, helping both the riders and promotion and of course having a beer with the fans.

Most of you will know that I’m now a retained fire fighter here in Berwick. When I applied for the training I had no great plan, but I was interested to see what opportunities were available in the fire service…..

For me the timing feels right — I get to stay involved at Berwick Speedway, ensuring the club stays in a strong position and I get to learn more about the fire service which could be a big part of my future, if and when I decide to grow up!

THE PROMOTION WRITES: Years ago in Speedway, riders were often synonymous with clubs for many years and here at Berwick we have been able to retain some ‘old school’ continuity whilst bravely venturing into the modern era. Not many clubs can compete with the Bandits when it comes to team spirit and belief and the main man responsible for instilling these qualities has made commitments to an exciting new venture in his life which, sadly for us means it’s time for Kevin to step back from leading the Bandits into battle in 2020.
Everyone at Berwick Bandits Speedway Club would like to thank King Kev for his amazing service to the club and we look forward to still having him here,right behind the boys in the pits and behind the scenes in 2020!

Kevin Doolan
Kevin Doolan

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