Published on 10th July 2019
Author Kevin Doolan

I’ve said it thousands of times … nothing’s ever simple when it comes to speedway.

You have to be ready to adapt at the drop of a hat because when you least expect it you are faced with changes – whether that is track conditions, fixture dates changes or even throwing the dreaded r/r back into the mix.

It’s not fun juggling all these variables but it is something that we, as riders, have to quickly learn to cope with.

In the case of rained off-meetings you have little choice but to take it on the chin and refocus on the next meeting.

This time round the focus shifted from Scunthorpe at home – which didn’t happen – to Scunthorpe away; r/r returning after Nicolaj learned that he had to have his appendix removed. Or not!

Scunthorpe’s track is not liked by most riders – including the home ones – preparation there is normally poor with dark dirt and dull lighting.

Throw into the mix that it always seems to be accompanied by poor weather and it is a hard place to enjoy riding a high performance motorcycle with no brakes.

That being said it sometimes makes for good racing and this was one of the times that the 17 loyal Scunny supporters with their three dogs and 11 sheep can proudly say they seen great racing on a good track in fine weather.

From my point of view it was all a bit of a blur as taking seven rides (six in the space of 10 heats) I wasn’t able to watch many other races but from the comments I was getting the scoreline really didn’t reflect the racing.

Away from the track you all know I like to keep busy.

Working and MTB-ing normally fills any time off that I may have but recently I applied to be a retained firefighter.

I had little knowledge of what the fire service would need from me but from the outside it looked interesting and I liked the idea that it was a community based job.

As it turns out Berwick is a small station and therefore they were keen to get someone new trained up and ready for retained duty. Up to now I have completed written and physical assessments and completed my interview process. I have a medical to come soon then I will have a block of basic training and BA (breathing apparatus) training before I will be qualified.

So far I am enjoying the process and I’m looking forward to the main training block.

Looking ahead speedway-wise we are starting to look busier with our racing schedule, with away meetings becoming more regular and a good chunk of our home meetings in the next six to eight weeks so it’s time for us to make hay while the sun shines.

The guys are also on the radar for guest bookings too, which helps keep us all match fit and ready to get our early-season momentum rolling and drive us towards the play-offs.

Kevin Doolan
Kevin Doolan

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