Published on 14th November 2019
Author Sarah Charalambous

Hi again folks! Yes, as the title says, what a week to be me!

Had my birthday on Sunday just gone… I’m currently on annual leave… ‘I’m A Celebrity’ starts on Sunday… and best of all, it’s AGM week!

The only downside to this week is I’ve had a lot more free time to read social media. I normally enjoy it but my Facebook timeline has been filled with so much General Election tosh by our beloved idiots gorgeous George and that Taffy! December 13th can’t come quick enough… God help both their sakes though, when the result goes against them!

Anyways… AGM week. The week any real speedway fan can’t wait for! What are we expecting this year?! Do we expect the promotions to deliver another long-term saviour solution for our sport?! ……… Ha, not likely!
I still believe there to be too many of the old brigade dictating the way the sport is run. It does have a future though, if they choose to use it!

People like Connor Dugard (yes, I know he’s not currently involved with promotion but what a job he donewith the Eagles in the NL).. our own Jamie & Scott, who’ve grown up in the sport… the Facennas at Glasgow… Ben Duffill and Jade Mudgway at Redcar! All good people, all looking forward.

Anyways, back on track… some of us will be looking to see where Poole will end up — Matt Ford is quoted as saying he wants to bring his team into our Championship, but with the Eurosport money on the table will he think again? It’s been interesting seeing the reactions of the Pirates’ fans on the prospect of their drop down; some clearly not happy, others willing to give it a chance.

I understand where the unhappy ones are coming from… they’ve dominated the top league for some time; become the club that people have come to hate (?); they’ve had Tony Rickardsson, Leigh Adams, Darcy Ward, Chris Holder and now none of that! Tough pill to swallow but they need to see the bigger picture, as despite the huge financial loss they took due to issues with their main team sponsor, they are still coming into a more than competitive league.

They will be seeing a variation of teams they haven’t seen in years — and they’ll get the chance to travel further north than Manchester!

They will be a more than welcome acquisition to our league… especially with the prospect of a Southern tour and a day on Bournemouth beach to consider.

Kent too… another team wanting to come up! I’ve only been to their stadium once.. the opening meeting in fact…. it is a stadium that should be in the 2nd tier at the least… the track though…. personally, I’m not a fan!

But then, I won’t be one of those having to ride it! If they are confirmed I hope they’ve made amendments to their start times too…. half-past-six start and having to negate a lot of traffic to get there…. hmmmmm!

Would be an interesting one to plan a bus journey to!

Team signings have started, even pre AGM too.. our beloved Black and Gold have three vital pieces of the jigsaw in place with Leon, Jye and Spud! No complaints from me at all… we know what we will be getting but now I ust wanna know the other four — I hate waiting!

Glasgow pulled a bit of a surprise tonight with the announcement of Broc Nicol… potentially a bit of a genius signing by them, given his scores there this season and his low-ish starting average.

Former Bandit Thomas Jorgensen has announced that he is “going back home” with his return to Scunthorpe; him and Jake Allen alone being a tasty looking part of a top 5 for the Bell Ends, oops sorry, Scorpions!

Edinburgh have put a mark on things though, showing they mean business, getting Sam Masters and Josh Pickering confirmed! The Monarchs promotion made it clear that there dire away form in 2019 is not one they want to replicate again and with those 2 to start with, I’ve no doubt yet again that they will bounce back stronger! Damn…..

There’s a few others as well.. but I prefer to only discuss those which I’m interested in!

Anyhoo folks… I’m offski…. away tae ma teek. Night all

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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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