Berwick hit the wall and down to three regular Bandits after first bend of the match against Redcar

Published on 15th May 2022
Author Lawrence Heppell
Berwick FTS Bandits powered by Keenwood Karpets: 43
Redcar Agilia Bears: 47
SGB Championship
Photo Keith Hamblin
The revised-looking Berwick Bandits, due to injury and international racing, took to the track last night against the Redcar Bears in the SGB Championship with two guest riders and rider-replacement, the latter for Leon Flint. Nick Morris in for Chris Harris, who was away on international TeamGB duty and Lee Complin in for the injured Ty Proctor.
Heat One was halted on the first bend when Charles Wright was caught up in a bunch, then Jye Etheridge spun 180 and went down heavily with Wright walking back to the pits and Etheridge needed attention by the medics on the track. With Kyle Bickley taking his place in the re-run, Morris went hard out to win well in a shared 3-3 result.
In was then announced Etheridge had suffered a suspected collar-bone injury and withdrawn from the meeting.
Both Heats Two and Three were also shared 3-3s with sizeable wins for Jason Edwards and Erik Riss respectively, the score tied at 9-9 before Lewis Kerr gave a massive chase behind Ricky Wells to the line, but it was the fourth shared race. Heat Five was stopped when Complin went down on the first corner after some solid bunching, the referee calling back all four riders for the re-run, which was a fine win for Pijper in a fifth 3-3, the score now 15-all.
Morris led Heat Six well from the gate and won with ease as Pijper passed Kerr off bend two to join his partner in a home maximum, splitting the teams for the first time with the 5-1, the score now 20-16, unfortunately for the Bandits Riss and Kasper Andersen did likewise in Heat Seven over Wells and Complin, levelling the scores again 21-21, but an unexpected gate to flag 5-1 from Wells and Bickley, despite some good challenging from Roynon in third, Berwick went into the lead again 26-22.
Bickley was out again in Heat Nine as an injury rider replacement for Etheridge, but it was Kerr who made an electric start, almost passed by Pijper off bend two, but the Bear held on, but at the back Jenkins found his way round Bickley in a Redcar 2-4, narrowing the gap to 28-26, and with their solid 1-5 from Riss and Andersen over Morris and Crang, the Bears took the lead for the first time, 29-31.
Heat 11 was halted on the third bend, as Roynon went down as Complin went under him and the referee excluded Complin from the re-run for being the cause of the stoppage, while in that re-run Wright made the gate and took up the lead off the second bend to take the three points in a 2-4 that took the Bears lead to four points, 31-35, and with one race to go, Redcar still led by four points, meaning the Bandits needed a 5-1 to draw the match.
Riss and Wright led off bend two, but Morris hit the wide line and races he best race of the night passing both Bears in spectacular fashion to take a well-deserved win, but with Wells at the back, the match went to Redcar, 43-47.
Bandits team boss, Gary Flint said: “With a large chunk of our usual guys out of action it was always going to be a tougher ask than normal, and then losing Jye Etheridge to a shoulder injury quarter of a lap into Heat One, we were well up against the odds. Our guest tried every ounce  of the way with Lee Complin looking like the lad we used to have in the side a decade ago, while Nick Morris took a good total and a spectacular final heat race, passing both Erik Riss and Charles Wright in a style just like the man he was covering, Chris Harris which was a thrill to see, but well done Bears on a win certainly deserved.”
Individual Riders’ Scores:

Berwick FTS Bandits Powered by Keenwood Karpets 43
Nick Morris (guest) 3,3,1,2,3 = 12
Rider replacement (Leon Flint)
Theo Pijper 1*,3,2*,2,2,1* = 11+3
Jye Etheridge (captain) Fn, Irr, Irr, Irr = 0 withdrawn injured
Ricky Wells 3,1,3,2,1*,0 = 10+1
Lee Complin (guest) (r) 2,2,0,0,X,1*,N = 5+1
Kyle Bickley (r) 0,1*,0,2*,0,N,2 = 5+2
Number 8 Luke Crang 0 = 0

Redcar Agilia Bears 47
Charles Wright (captain) 2,2,3,3,1* = 11+1
Adam Roynon 1*,1*,1,1 = 4+2
Erik Riss 3,2*,3,3,2 = 13+1
Kasper Andersen 0,3,2*,3 = 8+1
Lewis Kerr 2,1,3,0 = 6
Jordan Jenkins (r) R,0,1,N = 1
Jason Edwards (r) 3,1*,0,0,0 = 4+1
Lawrence Heppell

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