Bullets just miss out at Armadale

Published on 8th May 2021
Author Lawrence Heppell
Armadale Stellar Devils 48
Berwick Bullets 42
SGB National Development League
Having tasted victory six days earlier at their own Shielfield Park, the Berwick Bullets travelled to Armadale in Edinburgh last night to go for the double, and while the win didn’t materialise, they put up an excellent fight.
Skipper Leon Flint leapt from the Heat One gate and led, but Nathan Greaves, the Devils’ captain went under him on the third bend, but the home rider then suffered machine issues and Flint regained his lead in the shared 3-3.
The deadlock continued until Heat Three provided a home 5-1,  which saw Tom Wooley make a fine start with his partner, Lewis Millar, tucking in for second, however both Greg Blair and Ben Rathbone both went down separately at the same time with Rathbone pushed onto the centre green while Blair remounted for the third placed point moving the match score on to 11-7.
Berwick pulled two points back in the fifth with Flint leading the way, defending his three points well but with MacDonald in second, Woolley, from nowhere went from last to pass his teammate Lewis Millar and MacDonald off the fourth bend to restrict Berwick to a 2-4 advantage, tightening the scores to 16-14.
Rothery and Phillips were unstoppable in Heat Seven over the two Bullets Blair and Rathbone in the home 5-1, to put six points between the sides, the same gap after a Heat Nine 3-3 won by Rothery, but Berwick weren’t finished as Kyle Bickley took a good win in Heat Nine ahead of Wooley in the 2-4 to again sneak Berwick a little closer 29-25.
That was instantly reverser with a Devils’ 4-2 in Heat 10’s re-run after a fall for Greaves and Rathbone, the latter excluded, but Greaves was untroubled second time around for three points over Blair to restore their six-point lead and with five races to go, with 11 to 14 won by a Devil in a shared race result, and in the 15th Flint took an easy three points to round of a great night’s racing, ahead of Greaves and Woolley for another 3-3 ending the match at a tight 48-42 result.
Team manager Gary Flint said: “It was another battling performance from the guys and they should be proud in their first away match of the year. We’re back up and running and its good so far so we’re looking forward to the rest of the season, which can’t come soon enough!”
Individual Riders’ Score Chart:
Armadale Stellar Devils: 48
Nathan Greaves (c) 2,3,3,3,2 = 13
Sheldon Davies 1*,0,1,N = 2+1
Tom Woolley 3,2,2,3,1* = 11+1
Lewis Millar 2*,0,F,0 = 2+1
Danny Phillips 2,2*,Fx,0 = 4+1
George Rothery (r) 3,3,3,3,0,3 = 15
Gregor Millar (r) F,1*,0,N = 1+1
Berwick Bullets: 42
Leon Flint (c) 3,3,2,2,3 = 13
Ryan MacDonald 0,1,1*,1* = 3+2
Greg Blair 1,1,2,2 = 6
Ben Rathbone F,0,Fx,1* = 1+1
Kyle Bickley 3,2,3,1*,0 = 9+1
Kieran Douglas (r) 1*,1*,2,1*,2 = 7+3
Mason Watson (r) 2,0,N2,1 = 3
Photos: TazMcd Photography
Lawrence Heppell

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