Published on 10th June 2022
Author Dick Barrie

Is that a big bright light at the end of the tunnel?

Watching the Belle Vue match on TV on Monday, and seeing a fit-again Jye improving by the race (his tapes hiccup was unfortunate, but…) I began to believe again…….

Leon’s fit and rarin’ to go. Jye’s back and ready to dramatically improve on the points being picked up by Mister R/R during his absence.

Someone’s going to catch a good old tonking — and it was due to be Redcar, the team that has a knack of catching huge scoopfuls of good luck when they meet our FTS Banditos…..

But tomorrow’s postponement means that, yes, they got lucky again………

Even at their own place they get lucky – last season, when we had the beating of the Bears until Leon came off on the last lap of the last race – but without doubt, in recent times, Redcar qualify in my book as “The Luckiest Team In Speedway”………

That isn’t any kind of criticism of those of the Bear persuasion. It ain’t any of their doing that seems to have us meeting them with our line-up cruelly-weakened.

But things will surely start to even out, and when we do get our mitts on them in the postponed Cup-tie – look out!

D’ye know (and I fully understand about if’s and but’s) that, if the first half of our fixture list had been reversed, things might have been so, so much better?

The way our full squad hit the track running and piled up 58, 56 and 59 points in our first three matches, if we had been facing Redcar, Glasgow and Leicester in those meetings with that full squad I am absolutely convinced we would have won these matches. Handsomely!

Had our last three fixtures here then been against Birmingham, Edinburgh and Oxford, I am equally pretty sure that, even without Jye, Ty or Leon, victories would have been equally achievable.

But, with the luck our bonny bouncers have become almost resigned to experiencing, those six fixtures fell in the reverse order, and so fell the FTS Banditos to cruel, merciless fortune…..

However (and here’s the incurable cock-eyed optimist in your writer surfacing) there’s still the KO Cup, the Pairs (at Oxford, the night before Cardiff) and a Summer Tournament to be contested!

As well as the Championship Riders Championship (at Poole, early next month) at which we’ll see Bomber rolling his bike out as a genuine pre-meeting favourite………..

So, a mid-term break this weekend – and a brighter second half to the season than we might have dreamed about, just a week two ago……….

I realise some may not agree.

But this is my blog, and I really think I’m right.

Don’t like it? Get your own blog, then………


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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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