Published on 2nd September 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Leon Flint….. Take a bow young man!

In only his third full season on 500cc bikes, and in what has been a hell of a year for him on track, he has claimed not only the British U19 championship but now also the much coveted British U21 Championship!

You could see what it meant to him…. his post win celebrations….. bike slapping….. hugs….. A genuine smile!

And dare I be the one to say this……

It may finally get him the recognition he needs to get the nod to represent his country!

He’s been overlooked so many times……

But a flawless performance against those who’ve had more exposure, more plaudits and more chances on Wednesday showed that Leon needs his chance.

How genuinely lucky have we been as a club to have him represent us!

Leon’s career and speedway stardom continues on the upward trajectory….. how I think we’d all love to see him have 1 more year with us…… and make that big jump to consolidate the No.1 position…..

2023 could be a very interesting year for Leon ….

And secondly….. How ‘bout Ace Pijper?

Just 15….. first season on the 500cc….. starting at reserve for the Bullets…… quickly into the main body of the team….. SGP3…..

And then thrown in the deep stuff this week when he was notified at the last minute he’d be joining Leon in the British U21 meeting!

And Crikey, didn’t Ace prove he has a very wise racing brain on those young shoulders!

A very, very credible 6 points earned against a line-up that had so much more experience then him!

These two boys are the immediate future of Berwick Speedway.

For a little town in North Northumberland, we have a certain something that seems to draw people to our club.

We haven’t had too much trophy success over the years, but we continue to come back season after season and have the ongoing joy of watching talent like Leon and Ace flourish in our colours!!

The Bullets are still in the hunt for league success of course after it was confirmed that they have made the play-offs following that nervy away win at Plymouth!

We currently wait patiently to see who we will race….. personally, I believe if we avoid a semi with Leicester and they are knocked out then it could be a grand finale to finish the season on!

The Bullets were so, so close last year….. is it their turn this year?

Make sure you all get your backsides trackside once our opponents are known!


Disagree with Sarah? Contact her on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk – if you feel brave enough!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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