Published on 25th September 2021
Author Sarah Charalambous

Well hello there to one and all..

It does feel like it’s been a while already but for one final weekend I get to talk about Berwick Speedway of 2021.

But what a weekend this could truly be….

The Bullets hit the road tomorrow and Tuesday as they take on fellow NDL title challengers at Mildenhall and Kent.

I speak for myself here (although I know many others agree) when I say how refreshing the Bullets have been this season.

Ultimately built as a means to competitive speedway for northern based riders, they have far exceeded what was expected of them.

Undefeated at home and picking up points away… development of locally based riders… the rejuvenation of others… for a first year that ain’t bad at all!

Anyways, I drift off subject as I tend to do! To remain in with a shout, it’s quite obvious that we do have to take points at both tracks, particularly as Kent haven’t yet notched up an official home meeting, this being due to the withdrawal of the Eastbourne Seagulls, who they had actually raced against.

It can be done by our boys… and what a joyous occasion, were it to be achieved!

Talking of joyous occasions and pivotal weekends… how good it was to hear the news that the doom and gloom for Newcastle was only short lived.

I won’t be my cynical self for a change… we’re heading into the winter so I’ll put that version of myself to sleep for a few weeks… but it seems the untimely sad death of Dave Tattum gave Young Granty a change of heart; much needed extra backing, a long hard think about his other businesses and having the chance to start on an even keel with Dave T’s memory pushing him into 2022.

I just hope that Newcastle fans actually take heed this time; he needs their full support to survive!

It’s been interesting to read the fans now wanting to contribute to a fund to help the promotion/club with regular monthly income…where did they get that idea? *cough cough* 😗😂

Anyways, a short blog this time, I know… but I will be back with a blog to shock old DB, posting how The Bullets blasted Mildenhall and Kent 😁 and if I’m feeling up for it… my season review for the Banditos which I’m sure people are desperate to see from me 😁😂

#UpTheBandits #UpTheBullets
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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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