Published on 11th January 2021
Author Dick Barrie

When the news broke, just before Christmas, that the vaccines had been given the nod, it all sounded so positive.

Since then, there seems to have been a fair bit of back-tracking by the powers-that-be about when we’d actually be getting that wee prick in our arms.

Why do I sound surprised?

Then there’s Brexit. “We’ve got it done!” shouted Boris. “We’ve got a great deal, and trade can freely continue”

Really? All those lorry-drivers queuing up in Kent and at Stranraer, filling in endless toilet rolls of red-taped forms, might indicate otherwise….

As do the ominous – for speedway – revelations that major football clubs have suddenly hit a brick wall (their transfer window opened last week, running to the end of the month) as they discovered they simply couldn’t sign a promising lad from Latvia, Estonia or Romania without first registering as visa sponsors, proving he was of a standard qualified to take a British player’s place, and filling in every application form under the sun before he could join them in the pitch.

Again, why do I sound surprised?

So to speedway – and already, the resurging strains of coronapox looms large in front of the sport’s planning.

The much-postponed AGM was due to have taken place, but hasn’t happened. It’s now supposed to be this week. We’ll see.

Confident-sounding assurances from Rugby — that we’d be off and running at Easter with the same line-ups as we’d planned for 2020 — have rather evaporated into vague hints of reduced line-ups, different league structures and a start “maybe in May”. To be honest, there’s a fair bit of deja-vu going about.

Surprised? Moi?

However, I’m not going to be all doom, gloom and I-told-you-so about things, there are bright spots too!

Firstly and mainly, fellow-blogger Sarah’s latest production. You’ll see her announcement in the blog before this – congratulations, Sarah and Shadders.

Next, from a speedway aspect, we don’t know when – if, even – our bonny bouncing Bandits will be rolling the bikes out this year, but let’s look on the bright side. ….

When speedway does start, we’ve got a track ready for whatever team the authorities thrust upon us.

There are good people who used to watch racing at places like Lakeside, Rye House, Coventry, Workington – and Swindon(!) — who have neither a track nor a team. Think about it.

As regards the rest of the mess, it could have been so much worse. Imagine:

Trump might have won a second term.

They might not have found a vaccine yet.

And the Europeans might be standing back, laughing their socks off as Boris, Gove and their idiot mates “led” us into a no-deal Brexit.

See? It’s not all bad.



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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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