Published on 28th July 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

It is now, folks!

We’ve recently had the very sad — but not very surprising — news that there will be no racing at either Premiership or Championship level for 2020.

And with Government guidance dictating that crowds will only be allowed back into stadiums from October, I wonder if Kevin Doolan actually knew what was going to happen when he chose to “retire”!

We at Berwick can counter the sad news though….. How lucky are we that we have a promotion which is still determined to get something out for us fans!

Hell, even the chance to pay a couple of quid for a practice session would entice me along…

I’m a big speedway fan and have been biding my time watching the Polish Ekstraliga on Premier Sports but my God, I’d rather be at my local track hands down!

As to what these events are that our promotion will try to put on, I for one would not be surprised to see us all shivering our arses away come October at the Bordernapolis…..

Or maybe that’s just a hope… if it does happen then I’ll hopefully find my way back to the grandstand with a blanket….. there’s no way I’ll be standing on the 3rd bend at Shielfield Park at 6 months preggers!

I’ve done a few mad things in my time, but at 32 that’s a bit too adventurous, even for me — mwahahahahaha!!!!

There’s a thing to put out there though… should the Bordernapolis happen in October, would there be anyone who wouldn’t go?

And if so, what would stop you? Just an interest of mine that I’d like to see what others are thinking…

We also had it confirmed that the named 1-7 we had for season 2020 will start 2021!

Great loyalty shown there for sure.. I do wonder how many teams will take the opportunity to change there starting line ups, or riders seek to evade their current deals though?

Looks like the only one so far being forced into a change will be Kent, with Nico Covatti saying he won’t be returning…. Hmmm, I fully expect Len Silver to pull one of his regular signings to replace him… some will know what I mean by that; others, maybe not!

Now, how many of us will be tuning in to Eurosport tomorrow evening to see if GB’s Robert Lambert can clinch the Speedway European Championship?

He has been a very bright light for our country in what has truly been a shite year for the sport., and it gives hope that should the Speedway of Nations carry on as a Pairs format then we truly have a chance for glory with both him and Tai Woffinden flying our flag!

Makes me feel every one of my years now when I recall him, pre-teenage years, riding in the 2nd halves at Rye House meetings……….

And whose been watching the speedway from Poland on TV? What a farce in the meeting on Sunday between Grudziadz and Gorzow! A track clearly unfit for purpose — the main factor in 3 big accidents — programming simply being cut off with no explanation — and a referee sacked at the end of it all — wow!

Maybe it’s a shame we can’t see a few referees over here sacked for some of the totally inept performances we’ve had over the years… but that’s another topic and I won’t make myself too unpopular at the moment (although, on reflection, I might spout off about the worst of them in a future blog!).

On a personal note… lockdown had its plus points! Petrol was cheaper there were less tourists about to potentially bring us their germs… and my husband didn’t moan about anything and everything, in particular having to wear a mask!

I’ve reminded him to shut up and deal with it a few times now…. anyone else have a moany-arsed love one to tell me about, ladies?

Anyways, I shall end this rare short blog by saying how pleased I was that Mr. Barrie FINALLY took about 50 years off his already-advanced age by having a haircut and that massive beard shorn off once Scottish restrictions allowed!

I do hope he’s brave enough to have a picture of that fluffy face put up somewhere, letting you all ridicule him in the way I did! I promised I’d do a blog once he had it cut though….. but as usual it took a few days as I was enjoying much needed annual leave!

Anyways Banditos… I shall bid you all adieu and hopefully see you all safe and well, perhaps trackside, in the not so distant future!
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Sarah Charalambous

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