Published on 12th October 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

When the top bananas at Shielfield Mansions talked me into doing this blog thing, I was assured I should – and could – write anything at all, whatever I was feeling at the time of writing……

However, they maybe hadn’t reckoned on having a moody, hormonal, 26-weeks-pregnant blogger on the staff!I

Firstly, for those of you who follow these things – and thanks to those who have written recently, I do appreciate getting correspondence – I can assure you that everything is going fine physically with bubba growth. Number two (and definitely the last) babe’s doing fine.

Mother, it has to be said it could be better. I’ve had a couple of days lately where I’ve struggled to walk a step without pain, but hopefully a stronger back brace for me is in the pipeline – I bloody hope so, any way!

I have blood tests coming up in a couple of weeks that will mean I’m not allowed to leave the maternity unit for up to three hours, as they’ll be drawing my red juice every hour, to check on my sugar levels – this for a thing called gestational diabetes – which is a pain in the neck, as well as other parts.

This is something I had when I was expecting Alexander, so I could have expected it again. Just that it’s a good bit more intense this time around.

Did I mention this is definitely the last one?

I’m under occupational health and physio, but am still cleared to work. It’s all good fun.

Hey, I’m doing what the bosses told me to do – write about whatever I was feeling at the time of writing!

What? You were expecting to read about speedway?

Ah, OK then……. I have been watching speedway. Thank the bloody Lord for the Polish league and the GPs being on……

I found the Swedish League as dull as dishwater, and didn’t watch the British Final, as I thought being charged so much wasn’t a great incentive, and we had no Bandits racing. When Kyle was pulled out, that was the final straw…….

I will certainly be chipping in to watch the U21 Final though, as our club haven’t forced people to one price — I’m sure there will be a big viewing figure for that reason alone…

So there you go, a report on the lifestyle of the rich and famous Charalambous clan. I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit moany (you should see the words Mister Barrie made me take out!) this time out, I hope it’ll be a happier Sarah you find here in my next bloggering.

I think it is the constant negativity of Covid that’s finally gotten to me, the impact it’s having on the patients I work with — and I didn’t think it would happen – and that the effect is now wearing on to me…

There’s maybe only so much negativity a person can take before it finally gnaws through even a skin as thick as mine, there’s only so many masks, gloves, aprons and sweaty scrub tops I can use also….

It really is depressing! I try not watch the news at all now…

I’m bloody starting to watch Xmas movies for (expletive deleted) sake!

‘Til next time, Banditos……………
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