Published on 8th June 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

But is there light ahead in a dark tunnel?! 

Hi again, folks… time for me to do yet another blog – I know it has to be time, as I’ve been getting a flurry of WhatsApp hurry-ups from the bewhiskered Mr.Barrie!

As I stated in my headline, Corona is striking hard!

It’s hitting hard this week for me and my family in particular as in two days time we were supposed to be sat on a plane, leaving the runway of Newcastle Airport going to Corfu…

Instead, Chris and I shall be going to work; me, working in a small but fabulous team delivering much needed life preserving treatment to those in North Northumberland and Chris delivering bills aplenty to the Borders.

I’m not complaining as I do enjoy my job… but when I’d looked forward to my holiday so much,  I’m going to have a slight moan!

Anyways… over the last fortnight, since my last blog we’ve had the news that Glasgow have pulled out of the 2020 season..      Very much understandable, not least due to their ground being so compact and so many of their star-studded team scattered all over the world!

Good reasons given the uncertainty that this country is still going through! You’ve got to wonder how many more clubs will be thinking about this… the likelihood, IMO, is thanks to the idiots still flouting rules and the latest mass protests following the death of George Floyd in America, we shall soon see the numbers of infection rise and we go back into tighter lockdown again! Those people will only have themselves to blame!

The Cardiff GP has finally had the long awaited culling too… given the fact that the Principality Stadium is still being used as a field hospital for the majority of 2020!

Why it actually took so long to make the announcement and why tickets were being sold only a few days beforehand is all the more ludicrous!

Never mind, July 2021 it is and all being well, I won’t be there as I’ll be on my long, much awaited holiday!

I must say… as much as I enjoy the Cardiff weekend, it is now at a point where it is beginning to overprice itself for me; particularly as the racing can often be pretty lacklustre there!

Yes, it’s great to catch up with mates I haven’t seen in a while, but even they have started dwindling in numbers as family life takes priority!   I guess I need to realise I just ain’t the 15-year-old I once was when I first started going!

On a personal note……     Alexander continues to progress in life!

Despite his ongoing struggles, the fact he loves going to school and is progressing at a steady rate affirms to me that I have made the right decision through all of this!

This situation would have been all the much harder for all of us if his routine had been disrupted!

And to round up the bi-weekly corona virus struggles… some light!

Yep, Shielfield Park is back in use tonight as the majority of the 2020 team have been able to take to the track in a closed doors session!

Some footage should be appearing on social media for us mere peasants not allowed in (if these pages took emojis, there’d be a sad face here) but one must say how nice it is to finally hear that sweet, sweet noise transcending it’s way into my back garden!

Laters folks… keep safe one and all!


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