Published on 17th January 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Yes folks, Christmas came… and it went… New Year came… and it passed in the blink of an eye for some (me included as I slept during the bells 😂) but now all eyes move on, counting down to the looming new season!

We now know the seven riders who will represent the Bullets….

But the long wait for the final Bandit to be named continues….. Rumours galore have been doing the rounds in the Borders…

“It’s Dany G of course”….… “It’s Tommy Jorgensen coming back”…… “Well, I’ve heard it’s Rene Bach”…. .. “No, a physically and mentally fit NBJ would be the dogs bollocks”……

Truth is, no one other than the promotion, the rider in question and their immediate family know who it will be……. but the potential is there for this to be a signing to push us into the realms of dark horses!

What makes me say this I hear you ask?….. Why so confident?

Well, we have a Number One that can still be deemed to be among the best in the league…… a solid middle order and even more important is that we are always going to be strong at reserve (proven with the fact we will start with Jye there this coming season).

All 3 together, with a dash of good fortune, is what it takes to challenge for a league championship! Says me.

And whilst I talk about teams challenging for titles, let’s take a glance towards the Bullets! 6 out of 7 return from the team that came oh-so-agonisingly-close to claiming the NDL title at their 1st attempt last year… the only change being Ryan McDonald out and Ace Pijper incoming!

I must admit, personally, I was shocked Ace signed on as I thought Armadale would be his choice, but with Dad Theo lining up for the Bandits and having our very much approved junior system in place behind him, I can understand the decision they’ve made as he starts his professional team racing career off 😁

It’s been well highlighted on social media platforms that the Bullets start two points under the team building limit but let’s put another spin on it!

They’ve had a season together already bonding … they’ve got home track knowledge… they know how one another handles pressure situations… all things the other 7 teams won’t have!

I look forward to just watching the Bullets for what it’s meant to be… a chance for youngsters in the north of England and southern Scotland to have a chance to develop… to race… to have some fun without travelling hundreds of miles to a home meeting… to know they’ll be given a chance, rather than put out on their arse if struggles ensue… and if it goes like season 2021 again, all the better!

I must… I just must also give a mention in this blog about Newcastle’s Diamonds……. The last signing they announced for their team…… our former Cap–I–Tain… Lee Complin!

Big, big gamble for them considering how long Lee has been off a bike… but I suppose nut-jobs like him genuinely don’t forget how to twist a throttle. I hope it pays off for Newcastle… just not against us! 😁

I will be back, cock-a-hoop soon when the final Bandit is announced (I hope)… God, it will be season prediction time by then too… I wasn’t far off predicting Leicester last year… I did mess up when predicting Eastbourne to do well though (oops!).

Mr.B will have to do a lot of prodding though… bless his tartan socks. I went past the deadline he gave me to post this again… hard work being a full-time-working mum of two… I’m going to have to learn to stay up past 9pm again very soon 😲😬

Until then folks… stay safe… and remember…. ‘Mon the Bandits & Bullets 🤠

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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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