Published on 18th August 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

Another blog! I know, I know, it’s been a wee while — but despite Mr B chasing me up a few times, I’ve had a pretty busy time of late..

The new family member is making themself known to me, work, the family — and no bloody speedway to give me a focus, looking forward to a Saturday night!

Anyway, as I was about to say, in my last blog I touched upon the business of dodgy referees.

Such thoughts were brought about by the televised meeting – OK, half-meeting – from Poland last month which had several crashes inflicted upon it by a pretty poor track, and was officiated over by a referee (called Remigusz Substyk, which isn’t any easier to write as say out loud) who was promptly sacked!

True story – no sooner was the meeting abandoned but the Ekstraliga president announced that the unfortunately-incompetent Mr Substyk would be stuck on the subs’ bench for the rest of the season!

Which made me wonder if this was a policy that we could try over here in Britain.

God knows I’ve seen some awful refereeing balls-ups as a lifetime follower of the Banditos…..

It is my firm belief then, and more so now, that were it not for official blundering we could and would have won the league in 2005.

We lost the league that year to Rye House by 4 points.

When I sit and think of the decisions that went against us over the course of that season alone, we should have finished at least 2-3 points ahead of them…

We had a 5-1 stolen from us in Heat 14 at King’s Lynn by incompetence (to say the least) which could have changed the result – and again at Newport when an absolute howler by a lady referee (initials MV) whose name I’ve cursed more than a few times.

In Heat 15 she handed Adrian Rymel a red card and the locals a 5-1.. … final score 47-43.

Coincidentally, that was also the last meeting the Wasps could conveniently use a guest at number one – that being Elite League rider Travis McGowan. The following week they signed a rider called Henrik Vedel and I’m sure you can imagine that points did not come as easy to them.. that’s by the by of course. I’m not really paranoid……honest.

I’m always apprehensive when I see Workington-based Stuart Wilson’s name in my programme, and the exploits of the one the Glasgow fans have labelled “The Grand Monarch” (Jimmy McGregor — who grew up a staunch Tiger, if only they knew!) have also filled me with rage at times.

In fact. that’s most times. Other than during our magnificent win over Glasgow in last seasons double header, of course..

Thanks, Jim!

I must admit too, that one Saturday morning in town I chanced upon Chris Durno, who had made an absolute (insert you own word, I’m not allowed to use the one I want) of our match the night before at Armadale.

He finally escaped, ears ringing, after I had accosted and tongue-lashed the poor man — leaving him in little doubt of my opinion of his refereeing abilities in that meeting!

To be fair to him though, he told me something about Armadale which actually explains a lot about decisions I’ve seen happen there, not just involving Berwick!

Anyways, if you are wanting to debate/discuss/rant at me with your views or differences then you know where to get me.

I’m away back to my bed now with a load of deep freeze gel and painkillers. These last 4 months have taken their toll on me lately… only another four-and-a-half months to go…..

But I will find something to write about before then….

I hope!

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Sarah Charalambous

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