Published on 10th August 2020
Author Dick Barrie

At last! After all the government-imposed delays, I’m so pleased to note the first 2020 session at the GHT Academy at Duns will take place on Sunday week, which is August 23rd, from noon until 4pm.

Riders of all levels are welcome and day licenses are available.

The session will cost £35 per rider, you must bring all of your own equipment and social distancing measures will be in place.

As always there will be advice and guidance available on the day from your experienced GHT Academy team.

Get in!

Otherwise, I don’t have much to write about. Let’s see………..

Did you know there used to be a speedway track at Crewe?

I went there once, and saw the Banditos of 1974 collect a real humping.

No sat-navs or anything 45 years ago, so finding tracks wasn’t too easy.

I remember driving round Crewe (which appeared to consist mainly of railway lines going over, under and across every street) for ages, until I realised the opening on my right was the stadium entrance.

I turned in sharply, a manoeuvre which prompted half-a-dozen passing cars to flash their lights and honk their horns in appreciation of my nimble swerve.

I found myself in a venue which could have been made lovely by a lick of paint and maybe no more than three sticks of dynamite.

Although not much bigger than Shielfield was in those days – their original 475-yard circuit had been trimmed to a modest 434 yards after a couple of seasons – it was still the biggest and fastest track in British speedway. Banked and to my eyes nearly a circle, it seemed to fill the visiting Bandits with something less than enthusiasm.

As promoter Len Silver bounced over the infield, jumping around like a man on the business end of a cattle prod, the local Kings exercised their majesty – a real case of ‘droit de seigneur’ as they really screwed us. We went down 61-17. The Templeton brothers scored 70% of our points (six each) which gives you an idea of how the other five handled the place.

For the record, four Kings (Ian ‘Simon’s dad’ Cartwright, John Jackson, Dave Morton and the great Jack Millen) scored maximum points.

Why do I mention this? .Two reasons, I suppose…..

Firstly it wasn’t that unusual for Berwick teams to fail to reach 20 points away from home back then, but such failures never seemed to affect home attendance, perhaps because there weren’t any folk with computers going mental about the loss of league pointage……

The other thing is that visitors seemed to be in awe of the Crewe guys’ mastery of their big, wide, fast circuit. Well, when we get going, we’ll have a big, wider, fast circuit – let’s hope the Bandits of 2021 and beyond can bear down and build up a mastery of our reshaped strip. Once we’re allowed to race on it, that is………….

Right, that’s me more than halfway down the page, what else can I write about?

(There’s been a pause here — I tapped out the above stuff early this morning, but still can’t find anything much to finish up with)

When it comes to putting things off until later, I’m your man.

Not one of your amateur crastinators — I’m a pro!

I’ve been sitting looking at a blank screen all afternoon and evening, fully aware there’s a brimming weblog of wit’n’wisdom awaited by an adoring public out there, yet nary a plinth has crossed my mind. (plinth – a base for a column. Geddit?))

I haven’t written a comma. .Inertia has consumed me whole.

It’s as if the voices in my head have taken a vow of silence

However, to quote poet William Edgar Stafford: ‘There is no such thing as writer’s block for a writer whose standards are low enough’ so I guess I’d better write something………

Nah, stuff it.

See you next week
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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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