Published on 8th August 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

You know… I had images that it wouldn’t happen..

Images that we’d finish our season without another home win!

But our boys in black and gold certainly proved they still have it in them to pull surprises out the bag!

Both the FTS Bandits and GHT Bullets racked up huge wins over first the Gladiators and then the Centurions!

People told me to simmer down…. they were under strength….

Well, they had managed to grab a point at Edinburgh just 24 hours previously, so for the first time in a while it’s maybe just been a case of we’ve been the team to hand out the battering…. and it was enjoyable wasnt it?

Sublimely led by our top two in Bomber and Leon…. Two of the easiest maximums you will see a pair of Bandits achieve! (Actually, a question for anyone who reads this…. when is the last time we had our top 2 unbeaten in an official fixture? A pint on offer for anyone who does their homework)

Our guest for Jonas was Jordan Jenkins and truly, how impressive was he? It’s so refreshing when you get a young English lad coming with his mental attitude and attacking our track as now can be done! Redcar took the plunge on him — and Jason Edwards — and their faith has well and truly paid off for them this season! Jordan didn’t just settle for his points…. he did not know when he was beaten!

I know I and many others would welcome him back with open arms!

Theo chipped in with a very handy paid 9 from 4; looking like the Theo we all know! The effort he’s put in this season not only for himself, but, also for Ace and Stene, he and especially Carrie deserve a huge pat on the back! Well Done Team Pijper! 🤠👍🏼

The Bullets hopped back to the top of the NDL again following their emphatic win against the Centurions! Again, you can’t just shrug and say “the opposition was rubbish” – the same opposition had arrived on the back of getting 39 points at Armadale the same afternoon.

Our Bullets head down to Devon for the return fixture and although it won’t be easy, they’ve got to be looking for the win!

How exciting the thought is of getting to mix it in the play offs – any play-offs! – and, as long as we avoid Leicester, I’d fancy us getting to the final!

The Bullets have done themselves proud again this year!

It’s a quick and positive one for a change folks…. and as you read this, I’ll be sitting by the pool here in Corfu, sipping a cold one!!!

Good luck to the Bullets in Devon tomorrow…. All the Bandits at Birmingham on Wednesday…. Our two Bandits in the Pairs… Leon at Cardiff and (of course) Jonas in SGP2 on Sunday!!!


Disagree with Sarah? Contact her on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk – if you feel brave enough!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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