Published on 31st May 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Welcome back to me.

It seems just a short time since my last blog, but time does fly……

Work is ramping back up to speed now as Covid seems to be slowly simmering down (and no, I’ve somehow still not had it 😂). My two boys just demand more and more of my time as they continue to grow in front of my eyes.

So blogging has taken a little back seat…. and to be honest, it’s probably a good thing that it did as the last couple of weeks for us in Bandit land haven’t been the easiest.

Struggling to deal with the loss of Leon and Ty, the subsequent loss of Jye in our home defeat against Redcar has started to really hit home…. his points have not been matched with R/R and I fully believe with a fit Jye we would still have a 100% home record….

But, it happened and just this week gone we again were knocked aside by Glasgow….

I’ve always said I can deal with getting beat if I see fight from our boys; Kyle epitomised that with his superb pass on a very underwhelming Craig Cook….. but knowing how different it could have been stings….. real bad!

My emotions can often get the better of me when things go against us; I either rant and rave or just sit quietly and ponder….. I sometimes think when I’m quiet I’m a bit more scary….. thankfully for my husband’s sake I sat quietly and didn’t want to fight!

He’s used to dealing with my psycho episodes….. he knows just to stay well clear!

Anyways, this weekend sees us in double header home (please note the 6.30pm Saturday start time) and away action against yet another couple of difficult teams, being the Leicester Lions and Cubs.

We have Lee Complin back in to replace Ty, who has yet again tweaked the injury he got at the Newcastle away meeting. Luke Crang will be standing by as our No 8.

The Lions are led by a very potent top three of Nick Morris, Ritchie Worrall and Kyle Howarth.

I’m expecting another close meeting but I do hope we can finally put the demons behind us and move forward in a march towards the play offs — and that includes the Bullets too!

We ain’t had too many demons to deal with in the NDL but we face a Cubs’ team with 2 very bright prospects leading them in Dan and Joe Thompson. Dan helped us by guesting as a Bandit down at Plymouth last month, with Joe there as well as his spanner-chucker. Thanks, lads – but no favours on Saturday!

Anyways, our bad luck pales into nothing compared to the rotten time our neighbours down the road at Newcastle seem to be having.

They unceremoniously went down 28-62 at home to Redcar on Sunday just gone…. there’s rumours of complete disarray coming out, unhappy riders, unhappy fans, dwindling numbers….

Newcastle used to be a thriving speedway club…. they’ve had some of the biggest names in speedway ride for them…. they were a club that took big numbers of fans everywhere.

Now you see more and more walking away from Brough and attending other tracks…. I ask a simple question… why??

What has gone so, so wrong at Newcastle?! 😳 And will any replacement rider(s) genuinely be ones that could lift the Diamonds out of the doldrums?

Put your answers, if you have any, in an e-mail to the Newcastle promotion….

Now, before I go…. Something very interesting popped up on my “Facebook Memories” today…..

Six years ago the phrase “worst ever” was labelled on Jye Etheridge in an article by David Kinvig in the Edinburgh Evening News, and repeated in a lot of other media as a result……
Oh, how times have changed!

Hurry back Jye!

And finally, a very happy 37th birthday to my wonderful big sister today….. just three years till she’s 40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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