Published on 18th June 2021
Author Sarah Charalambous

I think it was the last blog I actually completed on time where I said Redcar would come and give us a stern test!

Well, not to harp on too much… but damn, I do hate being right!

They came… they saw… and yet again they bloody well conquered!

It was nip and tuck the whole way through… but heat 13 yet again proves to be our downfall! I think the large majority of us knew we would struggle towards the end of meetings but this is a team that was built to win at home!

If you can’t do that then you have some issues… okay, yes, we beat Leicester and Scunthorpe but that’s now two home losses against us too!

Redcar will no doubt have been lauding up the surprise package of Jordan Jenkins who was such a fundamental part of Redcar securing the win but they had an exemplary showing at #1 from Charles Wright who clearly has a big set of you-know-whats, considering some of the lines he rode!

Our problem areas continue to speak for themselves… certain riders are far better than what the scores are showing at the minute and for one reason or another, it just isn’t happening!

Hopefully this week off will give time for reflection, time to fix bikes, repair minds etc. Heck, it’s only Glasgow we’ve got coming up next (“Oh good God!” I hear you say 😱😐😣)

Anyhoo, on the subject of Redcar (and involving Glasgow 😂🙈), how sad it was to read that Bears’ co-promoter Jitendra Duffill will be hanging up his blazer at the end of the season. His reasons being cited clearly pointing towards disarray with those supposedly running the show; his discontent seemingly reaching boiling point following the postponed match from a farcical night at Birmingham where during heat 10 there was quite a bad smash involving Jordan Stewart and Valentin Grobauer.

There had been big delays to this meeting already due to some serious issues with the Brummies’ track (if you’ve seen some photos then you’ll see those complaints seemingly being justified). Redcar were leading 23-31 at the time but the match result didn’t stand and the meeting is to be rerun … now, where Mr.Duffill’s issue causes problems for the BSPA is that the same happened at Redcar not too long ago in a meeting against Glasgow.. but Glasgow were awarded the meeting!

Hmmmm… does something stink here or is it just me… is it the smell of rotten💰 in the air?! Or yet again, should i shut up and be careful with what I say? 🙈

Down the road with our local buddies in Newcastle……. how sad that they’ve immediately had to pull the Newcastle Gems from the NDL.

This decision has clearly been made to ensure the safety of the Diamonds for the 2021 season at least. A huge shame for those youngsters who had exceeded expectations of them and were undefeated up to that point, including that unexpected win at Armadale.

Selfishly, and I am talking very selfishly here from a Bullets perspective, it now puts the pressure on the rest of chasing pack whilst we currently sit very prettily on top! We have not dropped points at home, nor do I see us doing so, and we’ve been picking up points away.

Do I dare get excited?

Think I’ll wrap up by again reminding myself, even though I’m a moaning bint, how truly lucky we are up in Berwick.

We have one of the biggest stadium capacity through the leagues, certainly the largest in our Championship and our crowds have held up reasonably well. But one thing we don’t have is the money men that some others do (*cough… Glasgow…. *cough*).. we’ve got our 5–1 draw, administered for the promotion by the Supporters club which has kept much needed revenue rolling in. But there are spare numbers available in this Draw and how nice would it be if these happened to get filled 😊 but other than that, just keep turning up on Saturday nights folks… spread the word… encourage new people along!

The attendance, even in our big stadium, is possibly going to be a sell-out next Saturday, with the Tigers in town there’s going to be a fantastic atmosphere — so don’t put off going to the ticket site on here and booking your seat, or your spot.

Speedway is needed in Berwick and I’m sure we’ve all know how bad it would be without it.

See you trackside for our inevitable Glasgow beating 😁😄… why I’m smiling I don’t know… 😄

#UpTheBandits #UpTheBullets
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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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