Published on 22nd June 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

Another week, another inch-and-a-half out of lock-down and, yes another blog!

Those of you who know me – even if only through reading these blogs – will be aware that I’m suffering badly these days through a serious lack of speedway.

To sit in my garden the other Saturday, and hear the bikes revving during the closed-door practice (officially training) session at Shielfield wasn’t any too funny.

So near, but yet so far away…………………..

The knowledge that our riders are all back, getting fit and getting ready, and the fact that Poland has got their top league off and running is all very well, but…..

In fact this awareness just means the various old videos being shown by British clubs have lost a lot of lustre now. They’re just re-runs – I want the Coca-Cola. The Real Thing!

However, while I prefer watching live speedway on TV from Poland – when Nicki P decides it is safe enough to ride, of course – to old videos in which the home team nearly always (surprise, surprise) wins in the last heat, it doesn’t mean it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Polish league last weekend, but to be honest it was a bitty, well, lacklustre. It certainly doesn’t help having two young Polish juniors at reserve in a match which also features World Champions. Negative.

They also have to have three (I think) Polish riders in the top five of each side, which meant that instead of seeing races featuring all the world’s top riders in each heat it seemed that there were always a couple of lads lining up whose names I hadn’t heard of, couldn’t spell and certainly couldn’t pronounce!

A bit of a let-down. Plus they had a match rained-off last weekend and two more last night. All that build-up, and we ended up with the bloody videos again……

Roll on real speedway. Roll on the Banditos!

Mind, there’s going to be a period, even when speedway comes back, that we’re going to be asked to treat things a bit differently.

It seems possible that, without any resurge of Covid-19, we might be offered some racing in August.

However, it is also possible – probable, really – that even then there will be a great amount of social distancing. A need for hand-cleansing, the cough etiquette, face-covering and all the rest before we are allowed to participate as spectators of even out-door sports.

It will surely take more than having to put my hubbie in a mask to put me off rolling up at a Shielfield return, but I wonder if everyone feels the same way?

How do you think you’d treat the situation? Having to stand two, or probably by then only one metre apart on the terraces? Wearing a mask to go through the turnstiles? Maybe having to forgo queuing up for your pie?

Still be keen enough? Why not drop me a line (address below) and tell me?

So that’s been my week or so. Tough work in the NHS trenches as ever and not been 100% myself with it all – my get-up-and-go seems to have got-up-and-went!

I was OK about not having speedway at first, fully understanding the situation, but it has dragged on too long, and now I’m probably just discontented, bored, fed-up, whatever…………….

Of course, while I’m writing this, I SHOULD have been in Corfu…………..
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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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