Published on 15th July 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Oh my good bloody God!

Wasn’t Wednesday, 13th July a cracker of an evening?

Those who have a nuance of sense ensured that they were tuning in to the BSN stream of Oxford vs Berwick…. and weren’t we treated to something very special from our boys in black and gold?

Twenty five years since we’d taken to Cowley and you’d never have known!

Bomber and Co gave us the team performance we knew they could as they steamed to an emphatic 40-50 win over Oxford (the Berwick B team 😉)…. and note I say TEAM performance. All 7 last night played a part; from Bomber dropping only 1 point to Nathan picking up a very valuable point in heat 12.

Most pleasing points had to be seeing our middle order scoring and mixing it up…. especially Theo and Ricky, both having been experiencing a difficult run! Theo looked confident again…. he was gating…. using different parts of the track…. looked like he was enjoying it again.

That can only be a good thing for us, heading into a very important home meeting on Saturday! Ricky too, who by his own admission has been struggling, looked a lot more competitive…. That, and his last home meeting, is hopefully the turnaround we are looking for!

We lost Jye to an alarming spill with initial reports hinting he had potentially injured the same shoulder as earlier in the season…. thankfully it does look like this isn’t the case and that it is a heavy blow to the hand with a potential broken index finger.

We can deal with that….

Jonas continues to catch the attention of just about anyone lucky enough to see him as he threw in another whopper of a score with 13+1! Oh we are lucky up here 😁😁😁😁

Friday night sees us trundle north up the road to Glasgow as we set off for Jubilee Trophy (🤨) success!

I don’t know others views but IMO as long as we come away safe and sound tomorrow with all six intact then it’s a good night! I just feel Saturday is a bigger meeting for us….

Saturday’s ultra-important home match with Redcar is the KO Cup quarter final 2nd leg…. 52 points is our aim!

It can be done!

No doubt that Redcar, both team and fans, will be thinking it’s in the bag for them given their success – not to mention their bloody luck — at our track in recent years, but we proved on Wednesday that when this team is on it, we can pull out an epic performance!

The key will be to hit hard early on and kill any momentum that Redcar might be aiming for!!

Ride ‘em hard and give ‘em hell!!

We miss Leon for this meeting as he is on GB commitments in Europe. With both him and Jye out, we’ve been able to call upon the services of former Bandit captain, Aaron Summers.

Spud has had a fine start to his comeback with Oxford and he will step in to replace Jye with the R/R for Leon. This allows everyone to take a ride…. no bad thing, potentially giving Bomber 6 rides with the form he is in 😍

Anyways, a small but very positive blog.

It’s amazing what winning a meeting can do for the morale of a long-term Bandit fan like me 😁 onwards and upwards boys!!


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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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